Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time Has Past

I'm not going to lie to you my fellow friends and followers, I did disappear for a bit. I need to rethink how I was going to continue this blog or if I was going to even continue it. After working over a month now at my new job I have figured out that blogging is a passion for me. So I am going to continue this blog, as far as my journey to get to a healthy weight it's still a big work in progress. My birthday has past and I didn't make my goal but overall I am happy with where I am.

 The job I have right now keeps me on my feet all day so I'm constantly moving during my shift so I'm always physical working my body even on my days off. So the journey to get to the weight I want to be will be here soon than later, right now I'm honestly putting a little effort into it right now and I'm just losing weight like crazy. I had to go out an buy a new belt after 3 weeks of working and now it's 3 weeks later I'm moving down a notch in the belt to make it smaller. So my journey is now in a new spot in my life since I'm back to working. I have to fine my perfect balance for everything in life since it's all new to me again.

I have a few things to share soon here on the blog one of them is a review of NatureBox an monthly subscription service, which is way over due. However the schedule I have been given recently doesn't really allow me to do barely anything expect for sleep,eat,work then sleep. So soon as the retail holiday season is over maybe I'll have more time again but for now I barely have any time for anything.