Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Follow Me

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Hope everyone has a great day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Same Old Not Anymore

I am so happy to start out with that my Blogger+ app got an update. Now I am schedule my posts ahead of time , so there well be more posts now. Now that the app is updated , it will make my routine easier. As for my routine I usually sleep in until 9 but that is going to change.

I am going to wake up ealier and go with my mom to Curves. She wants to go but she wants me to be her workout buddy. I cant say no I mean I want to help support my mom with her wanting to get fit. Plus I am still in between jobs right so I have lots of time. I am still looking for a job but I have a commitment coming up in June. So I might have to wait until that commitment is done with.

I am hopefully that I will find a job that is decent. If not at least start applying for school and start on getting a degree. Enough rumbling, today I walked 1.3 miles with my mother. It felt good , afterwards I went home and had a smoothie that was protein based.

It is a basic smoothie I make all the time and it's really good.I make it with a personal small blender to save time and to make sure that there is enough for one serving. This is usually what I drink after a really long workout or I have a coconut yogurt with apples.

What's your favorite post work out drink or meal?

Let me know.

Wacky Wordless Wednesday

Not really a post today just a random picture from adventures of me and dirp man. I have a few posts to type up today and things to do.

Have a great wacky wednesday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Changing Generations

Growing up in Oregon until the age 9 maybe a fact as to why I was raised to have the choice to be vegetarian. My wonderful mother was vegetarian and she gave me the choice to choose if I wanted to eat meat or not. I am not going to lie I have had meat before and I just felt it was wrong to be eating an animal for food. When there are better choices and options, I had this view at the age of 12. I was eating vegetarian most of my childhood , so needless to say I was raised vegetarian with open views. By age 13 I decided to announce that I was going vegetarian, it was simply to do because my family figured I was vegetarian in the first place.

As you can see vegetarianism was always part of my life for me , it has always been around me. As for my two cousins which are in the same age group they were raised differently than me and we didn't meet until I was 9 years old. So to them my diet and style of eating was consider different to them than what they were used to which was the Standard American Diet. I remember my mom who was vegetarian at the time had to sneak vegetables into there food because they didn't like the taste of them. This went on for a few years, in fact I think until the past few years did they started to like vegetables.

It blew my mind when I found out  that my oldest cousin who is merely only 8 months different in age from me was vegetarian. Growing up he never , I NEVER liked any type of vegetable. I mean if anyone asked him to eat a vegetable it was like giving him a death sentence. Honestly I don't know how or why , he went vegetarian but most of all. I am very proud of my cousin because he understands me and my views. Now there is my last cousin which is his sister, me and her get along in a certain way. We never really got each other and she's my only female cousin in my age group but that doesn't matter.

My youngest cousin recently went vegan within the past month, I believe. I am not to clear on the details all I know is that her and her boyfriend both decided to go vegan after watching Forks Over Knives. I am actually shocked over her going vegan , it was something I would never imagine in my lifetime. However I am surprised but very proud of her. This made me think wow a whole generation of my family doesn't eat any meat, which is amazing. Simply because my family is not use to eating plant based diet.

It shows you that things do change over generations , and that they do not stay the same. I mean even my boyfriend who grew up on Standard American Diet has even decided to go vegetarian. We age close in age ; the same generation needless to say. All of the people I have mention in this blog post; I have never asked them to go vegetarian nor vegan. Maybe expect my boyfriend which he was willing to do over 3 years.

This post was to show how proud I am of my family and how things change over generations. Do you have anything like this in your family? Leave me a comment below.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time Flys

It's been awhile since I blogged, and I feel bad for not posting anything. I have written down a lot of stuff via paper and meaning to transfer on to my blog. I have been wanting just to write things down first and then typing them up later. I have new things to let everyone know about like I am eating wheat again but in very very small portions.

It seems that I can be very sensitive to wheat depending on a couple of factors, like if I eat it more than twice in a day I have problems. This has made things easier for me to make meals with being said. I have also been cooking from scratch making my own recipes and have so much needed learning experiences. With these learning experiences it made me understand why I love cooking. It's a simply joy of creating something and figuring out the flavors to match with the food.

Needless to say it sparked something in me to want to be a chef and will I have looked into going to school for it. In Texas there is a culinary school just for vegetarians & vegans. Which I was very excited about and have looked into but is expensive. Plus my family doesn't want me to be a chef because I will not make any money.

So as you can see there has been a lot going on plus I have been looking for a job. The job hunting has been going on for about 4 months and so far no luck. Which is very sad, I have experience but yet not able to find me a job. So please excuse me if me nor dirp man posts anything sometimes time flys and life gets in the way.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review

Truvia is something I have known about for a year now. I was given samples back when I lived in Oregon. However I am doing this review because I have never told you how good Truvia is. I received this sample from Influenster's VoxBox program, which is pretty cool.

I actually like Truvia for a couple reasons like that it tastes just as sweet or sweeter than sugar. I just recent found out on Truvia's website that this product is also gluten free, kosher and it has no effect on the glycemic index. Which makes me even more happy because I honestly don't like the effects of sugar. Plus I love that people with diabetes can also enjoy this wonderful replacement for sugar.

I put in my coffee every morning that I make coffee, just a little goes a long way. I have learned by personal experience but it does go good in coffee. However sometimes it can be too sweet for me on occasion but I do like over sugar. I haven't tried baking or cooking with it yet but Truvia has some recipes on there site. I figured in the future that I could try some of the recipes in fact here's there information so you can learn more about Truvia; you can go to or Truvia's Facebook.

Here's the skinny as my cousin would say when asking for information. This was my take on what I think of about Truvia natrual sweetener. I was not paid to review this product nor give a good review , I was simply given a sample by Influesnters VoxBox program to test complimentary.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Sunday

Sorry about the lack posts but for some reason my blogger+ app; I bought hasn't been updating. So I have been blogging but it hasn't been post them. I will retype them up and post them; I hope ya'll have been having a great week.

I have had a very interesting week , I could say. I will fill in the details of what has happen recently in multiple posts. It has been one of those weeks, lots of learning experiences from cooking and a couple of personal success. I successful made my first vegan baked good and my moms picky boyfriend said "that they were good".

That's a up close photo of the final product of the cupcake. Which I am very pleased with it but the cupcake itself was from the The Sweetest Vegan. I love her YouTube channel check it out, it awesome. As far as the frosting it's actually fudge from the cookbook Chloe's Kitchen. They were delicious but room to improve my baking skills.

Have you made anything from Chloe's Kitchen or from The Sweetest Vegan? Let me know leave a comment below.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Meatless Monday, My Attempt At Meal Planning

So it's Monday, I am up early this morning so I figure I would give a crack at meal planning. The reason behind this is, well I either lost or had my grocery money pick pocketed yesterday. It's embarrassing for me lose money, it has never happen to me. So I have a very low budget this week; meal planning seemed perfect for this week

Believe it or not after 2 hours of attempting to meal plan; I came up with nothing. Then I started to look through cookbooks while watching the thunderstorm early this morning. It came to me that I love Mediterranean food and any fusion dish. So I figured this week I would attempt to challenge myself to make fusion dishes.

I have a little bit of fresh produce on hand such as : farm fresh muti color carrots, farm fresh eggplant, farm fresh cucumber, farm fresh baby bok choy, three avocados, four bananas and two onions. So I figure I am pretty set for a couple days , and excited to attempt to make my own fusion dish this week. I figure I would attempt at making a creamy dish with one of the avocados, and as for everything I am not sure.

I am thinking that I am going to wing everything else and see how it goes. I figure that's the best way to cook this week since I am without a computer. Hence no pictures on this post , I am learning how to blog from my iPhone. Any suggestions on what to do with the muti color carrots?