Monday, April 2, 2012

Meatless Monday, My Attempt At Meal Planning

So it's Monday, I am up early this morning so I figure I would give a crack at meal planning. The reason behind this is, well I either lost or had my grocery money pick pocketed yesterday. It's embarrassing for me lose money, it has never happen to me. So I have a very low budget this week; meal planning seemed perfect for this week

Believe it or not after 2 hours of attempting to meal plan; I came up with nothing. Then I started to look through cookbooks while watching the thunderstorm early this morning. It came to me that I love Mediterranean food and any fusion dish. So I figured this week I would attempt to challenge myself to make fusion dishes.

I have a little bit of fresh produce on hand such as : farm fresh muti color carrots, farm fresh eggplant, farm fresh cucumber, farm fresh baby bok choy, three avocados, four bananas and two onions. So I figure I am pretty set for a couple days , and excited to attempt to make my own fusion dish this week. I figure I would attempt at making a creamy dish with one of the avocados, and as for everything I am not sure.

I am thinking that I am going to wing everything else and see how it goes. I figure that's the best way to cook this week since I am without a computer. Hence no pictures on this post , I am learning how to blog from my iPhone. Any suggestions on what to do with the muti color carrots?

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