Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tax Day Food.

This year was the first time I have ever heard of Tax Day, which is after April 14th. I didn't know what to think of it , I went about my day. I did the usually chores and things. I even went to my grandma's house who is the one that told me about Tax Day.  Before I got to her house I had to go get oysters , which I never had tried before. 

When I got to my grandma's house she was making eggs , hash browns and fried oysters. Note the eggs are from a farmer in the local town and the eggs are cage free. Plus the hash browns are not made in a pot/pan , they were cooked in the oven. The oyster's were dipped in panko breading, and deep fried. For the first time eating oyster's , it wasn't bad.

Sunny Sunday

It's beautiful outside today and for the past few days , that's why their is a lack of posts. The past few days , I have come across some interesting things. But the best thing that happen in this past week is that I got bring home Shelbie my Kitty Cat.

She is so nice , we have the windows open all the time and she loves to talk to anyone. After we got her home we did have to do some cleaning up to make room for her litter box . Colin started to look for an towel to put around her litter box so that she doesn't track her litter all around the apartment.

Will he couldn't found a towel, so I had to go look for one myself, and I found that the closet that had the towels in it was an complete mess. I threw everything out the closet and complete redid the whole closet.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Time , New Drinks.

Guest Post By Colin

Dutch Bros. Red bull infusions

You get to choose which infusion you want, and there's quit a lot to choose from, and you can mix them. Its been awhile since I've drank a red bull, and to be honest this tasted pretty good! Next time I think I'll get a really odd combination, like raspberry grape or blueberry watermelon.

I got strawberry kiwi.

Ashley got the strawberry smoothie, which is loaded with vitamin C and lots of other good stuff. I tried it and it tasted like strawberry cake crammed into a cup, seriously....Might've been the whipped cream that threw me off on the taste. I'd buy it again though.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eggs , Toast & Work

Woke up this morning late around 11 am , I wanted to get stuff cleaned and done. But that didn't happen, I was kinda of short on time. So I asked Colin to make breakfast and he did. 

He made Toast with Organic Grape Jelly, Scrambled Eggs with Pepper. Plus he cooked some of my veggie sausage which is faux. I thanked him, after breakfast we looked at the apartment and decided that it would be an good idea to go get laundry money.

We got the laundry money , and we did get to clean up for a bit. Then I had to head to work, it was sunny outside when I left. Their were some rain clouds on their way in. 

Recently our weather has been like cloudy with an chance of meatballs. Its always random, will any ways I got out of work 2 hours later. And their was this what you could say almost like snow mixture that come down from the sky. 

Needless to say it wasn't easy to walk in due flats aren't the best shoes to where in cold / snowy weather.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Post

I decide that maybe creating a blog about whats going on in a life of a 21 year whom has a very stressful job that drives her crazy. But I decided that it would be more interesting just to have it be about my daily life. I am going to be telling you about recipes that i make and one's I come across. And of course Shelbie my kitty will be mention at times and maybe even my boyfriend Colin.

I love to cook , and make people happy. Plus I  love photography which is my favorite thing in the world. I may have no gone to college yet, but i will be attending  very soon. I am just that undecided.

I will be cooking through the book 125 Best vegetarian Recipes for the next few month or how ever long it takes. I am determined to learn to cook every thing that i can that is vegetarian.