Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shoes for thought

Vacation Time

Sorry about no posts, I have been cleaning like crazy since my mom is in,town from Texas this week. So their will not be as many posts , I might just post a picture of whats happen that day. Here's a picture of the yellow brick road in Oregon.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Day

Today was the day! 
The day that my wii died, just kidding but very closed to dying. I have a sensor bar that is officially not longer emitting a infrared. I was advised to return the product to target whom I got my warranty through and wait almost a month before I would receive anything at all about a gift card to buy a new wii. Well I was going to do that until I starting thinking why do I have to return the whole system and everything if its a little sensor bar that stopped working. With this though I went out on the Internet webs and found that Nintendo sells the sensor bar for 7.50 reburished. I bought the reburished sensor bar and until the label gets here for the return I will think really hard if I should return the wii or not.

Note : I paid 199.99 for the wii and it came standard equipment nothing extra, if I do the exchange and send it in. They will send me a gift card to Target to buy a new one. A new wii costs about 149.99 now so I would get 50 dollar back but I have to buy a new warranty which is about 30 dollars.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just no I say!

Today was Monday , I wished it was Tuesday. Only reason why I wished it was  Tuesday is my first Friday of the week for me. I haven't posted that I work a call center and anyone who has work/worked for a call center. Very well know that their are always the weird shifts as people will say. Well I work one of those shifts but almost normal my weird shift is M-F. That makes you guess what I work, well one hint is I only work four days a week. Two days on , one day off, two days on, two days off. I love it but if I was to go back working 13hr shift vs four days a week I would say no.
Basically I have rethinking about my hours and how I personally feel hinted the name of title of this post. I feel like everyday should be Monday or Friday. That is my blah post for the week.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mystery Plate

We went to Red Robin for Colin's birthday at first I wasn't happy but I found that they offer Boca Vegan Burger. I was excited;i order the burger natural style. Which is where everything is on the plate you basically build your burger. I asked for melon instant of fries but they got it mixed up. So I have picture of the half empty plate I wish I had took a picture of the burger. It was fricking huge, I mean it makes the ones in the grocery store so small.
On another note we got part of our CSA covered by Winter Green Farms , some wonderful people help paid for us to get fresh produce. So we only have to come up with 310 instant of 510, I'm just simple amazed. The first box will be coming June 14th, so for now we will still buy produce. But once the box comes I will be posting recipes and videos. Note the videos will be on my YouTube channel.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This action packed horror sci-fi movie , wasn't original at the top of my rent list. But as my family started to tell me about the movie I became interested. Even after many reviews and watching multiple trailers I broke down and rent the movie.

Now with me having netflix streaming from my wii, I didn't want to rent the movie longer than I was going to watch it.So with my new found love blockbuster express, I rented Skyline you can't blame me I mean it was only a buck to rent the movie.

In regards to the movie it was good I felt that it could have been better. I like the movie overall , I felt that plot was different than most movies. The trailers to the movie didn't do any justice to the movie; this is one of those movies that you have to watch to really understand why its such a good movie. The directors take on how he filmed the movie was just wonderful, this movie really tricks you.

 Just when you think you know whats going to happen, something else happens instantly. As far on my scale of rating it would be 7 and the only reason why is because of the ending. I felt that the movie was shorted a little and could have a better ending.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

One thing post about work and home is nachos. Here's a picture of what I had for dinner while watching skyline. Ill post a few of it on Sunday when I have my next day off.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Trade

Today was day number one off it was a nice relaxing day but I didn't do anything that I wanted. Thanks to the wonderful gas companies and the wonderful state of Oregon taxing the $@#? out of gas. Sorry I a little upset with how it keeps increasing I was stuck home all day due the price of gas.

 Ive included a picture of how I feel note I own a jeep. This made me want to trade my jeep but I'm in love with it before I even got it. With knowing that I love my jeep and the fact that no one is buying SUVs I'm not trading. I'm going to cope with gas prices and cut down on cost.

Monday ...

So today was Monday , it was one of THOSE Monday. I wanted to be out of work as soon as I got to work. Well that didn't happen, however I have tomorrow off and Wednesday. In my head I was doing the happy dance. I got home after a ten hour day and I got a confirmation from qwest about my service upgrade. What a great way to come home, I was worried that they didn't make the change.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Long time , no see.

Its been a few months since I went hiatus on the blog with recent change of thoughts. Ive decide that I am going to continue the blog like I wanted to. I will be showing my daily life of what it is like to live in a smaller area. When your too use to big cities and how to cope with the fact things are not the same. Plus I will be showing my new adventures to random places and I mean random parts of where I live. I have include a picture of my wonderful transportation that will get me to these random places.