Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mystery Plate

We went to Red Robin for Colin's birthday at first I wasn't happy but I found that they offer Boca Vegan Burger. I was excited;i order the burger natural style. Which is where everything is on the plate you basically build your burger. I asked for melon instant of fries but they got it mixed up. So I have picture of the half empty plate I wish I had took a picture of the burger. It was fricking huge, I mean it makes the ones in the grocery store so small.
On another note we got part of our CSA covered by Winter Green Farms , some wonderful people help paid for us to get fresh produce. So we only have to come up with 310 instant of 510, I'm just simple amazed. The first box will be coming June 14th, so for now we will still buy produce. But once the box comes I will be posting recipes and videos. Note the videos will be on my YouTube channel.


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