Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Why I Love So Delicious Ice Cream

No post today just a wonderful picture of what I recently found in my So Delicious Ice Cream.

Monday, March 26, 2012

My New Comfort Food

Personally I usually don't like vegan cheese , honestly I never cared for it. However I have been missing my mac n cheese from when I was vegetarian before I got a milk allergy. I guess this craving come from me growing up with mac n cheese , it's slightly a comfort food even a southern comfort food.

Mac N Cheeze
After trying multiple vegan mac n cheese's including frozen one's , I found Amy's Gluten Free -Dairy Free- Soy Free  Rice Macaroni made with Dairy Free Cheeze. Guess what the Cheeze in this Mac N Cheeze is Daiya Cheese; which I was excited!  It was just like having really mac n cheese from when I was a kid , I  love it so much.

I made this Amy's product without any problem in fact it was very easy to make that I had to give it a well deserved side dish. I made myself some sauteed garlic green beans and serve a little bit of Cajun jalapeno pepper for kick; and no I didn't add them to the green beans. The Cajun jalapeno pepper were on there own with the dish.

My dish after everything was done.

Needless to say that I will be making this meal again and again in the future. I love Daiya Cheese now thanks to Amy's Products , it has finally won me over on a vegan cheese.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Random Sunday

Today, me and dirp man decide to try loving hut. It happens to be about 30 mintues or less from where I live. So we head off looking for loving hut because dirp man want something to satisfy his chicken craving. So here are some photos of what we ate.
The first photo is dirp man's Golden Nuggets; he though delicious. I personally thought that the Golden Nuggets were good.
The second photo I picked out the wontons they offer, I was feeling in the mood for something crunchy. The wontons did fix that craving after one; the wontons were not my favorite.
The third photo is of the BBQ sandwich that loving hut offers. Dirp Man and I love this sandwich in fact we both fought over who was going to eat the sandwich. We end up splitting the sandwich to be fair. The flavors were excellent , it was very delicious.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Review: Pat Greers Kitchen Pizza Bella

Since I have gotten back to Houston , I noticed that the area I live in is almost avoid of anything vegan friendly. However one day at the Farmer's Market in Upper Kirby area I got to meet the lovely Pat Greer , she makes raw vegan food. I was excited because I love raw food it makes me feel so clean and light. After I found out about her food , she gave me a card of hers and said to stop by sometime.

 I would do this but her location isn't very close to where I live. So I decide that I had to find away to get her food, so I went on the mission to find her food near where I live. In fact I did ; I found out that My Fit Foods down the street got deliveries of her food each week. Two times a week to be exact which are Thursday & Saturday if I remember correctly. Enough of the back store of how I found Pat Greers food , on to the review.

Pizza Bella in it's Container.
So until I found Pat Greers I have never really tried raw vegan food except for a every few times. Since this was going to official be my first raw dish, I decide to get the Pizza Bella. I figured I want to find an alternative to "normal" pizza , so I gave this a shot with not knowing what it was going to taste like.

Pizza Bella 

First thingthat comes to mind about the Pizza Bella is that it's "Out of this world delicious". I love that the pizza portion of the Pizza Bella is made of a Portabello Mushroom; which these are my favorite type of mushroom. So I knew that it was just going to get better, and I was right in my opinion. The flavors of the Pizza Bella are just perfect I almost couldn't tell that it wasn't raw because all the flavor's blend so well together.

I would say that next time I go back to My Fit Foods , if the Pizza Bella is there I would get it in a heartbeat. Pizza Bella fills my pizza avoid without feel bloat or guilty about eating wheat, it's a win for me. I mean raw pizza vs cooked pizza , I am not seeing a reason not to love the raw version instant. I have bought more of Pat Greer food after this Pizza Bella, so I will follow up with reviews of the other Pat Greer products that I have tried.

Here's information where the location is:

412 W. Clay St. Houston, TX 77019

Thursday, March 22, 2012

On A Mission That May Be Impossible

So me and Dirp Man are on a mission to eat at every restaurant that offer's a vegetarian or vegan meal options in the neighborhood; we live in. This will be something that we  think may be possible, however it will take time to accomplish.

Me and Dirp Man live in the Houston area , so yes there are vegan friendly options. Never the less the part of Houston we live in isn't very vegetarian or vegan friendly;we live in the far west of Houston. Needless to say found a few options but not many. 

The reason behind this mission is, well I mostly want to find those gems in the area we live in. For Dirp Man he wants to learn where he can go to get food; he's new to vegetarianism. So far I know of a couple places, but not many.

Here's a sneak photo of a Mediterran restaurant down the street from where I live; Dirp Man and I will be going back soon. So the review of the restaurant will come soon may in two weeks or sooner.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Meatless Monday

So I am already meatless at everyone of my meals but I decide to post what I ate for Monday. I didn't make anything due family wanted to get Mission Burrito and I couldn't turn it down. For those who don't have Mission Burrito near them it's like Chiplote but 10x's better and more choices.

It's always so delicious and very vegetarian/vegan friendly , they do serve meat so if you want to make sure that they isn't any trace of meat; just ask for them to switch out there gloves before making your food. Now on to the best part of this post the food, well I only got a few shots of my food before I decide to attack it. I was pretty hungry by the time we got home, however the burrito was huge so I end up eating only part of the burrito.

The girl who made my burrito knows me pretty well so when I come in she always puts a smiley on my burrito because she is vegetarian. This girl loves that I am vegan in Texas , she said " I think that your brave to be vegan here in Houston because it's hard to be vegetarian". It's always nice to get nice feedback or nice words from a stranger.

Back to the HUGE burrito , I even compared it to a medium size loaf of bread so you can see how big it really is. Once I started to attempt to eat it, the paper plate I was eating it on end up not being such a great idea; it turn into a gigantic pile of food.

So half of this burrito was put away in a bag to eat later, it was way too much food to eat. Have you every had anything like Mission Burrito before?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No Excuses But...

Honestly I know I have been lacking on my blog , and simply there are a few reasons to that. I was tried of trying to stay up at night when the computer was available to write up a post. I feel that with my post if I can't post a interesting topic , then I shouldn't post anything at all. 

However going forward I decided that I am going to write anything related to these topics: health, politics on food, food safety, vegan diet, gluten free, movies , zombies and recipes. I know that the list is kinda of big , and some random things too but that is what I feel like blogging about. 

I will commit to blog at three times a week , is because there is only one computer and two people. I am in the process of attempting to get my own laptop or netbook but I don't know when that is going to be. Sorry for this rant but I wanted to give a little insight as to why I dropped off the blogosphere for a week.