Friday, March 23, 2012

Review: Pat Greers Kitchen Pizza Bella

Since I have gotten back to Houston , I noticed that the area I live in is almost avoid of anything vegan friendly. However one day at the Farmer's Market in Upper Kirby area I got to meet the lovely Pat Greer , she makes raw vegan food. I was excited because I love raw food it makes me feel so clean and light. After I found out about her food , she gave me a card of hers and said to stop by sometime.

 I would do this but her location isn't very close to where I live. So I decide that I had to find away to get her food, so I went on the mission to find her food near where I live. In fact I did ; I found out that My Fit Foods down the street got deliveries of her food each week. Two times a week to be exact which are Thursday & Saturday if I remember correctly. Enough of the back store of how I found Pat Greers food , on to the review.

Pizza Bella in it's Container.
So until I found Pat Greers I have never really tried raw vegan food except for a every few times. Since this was going to official be my first raw dish, I decide to get the Pizza Bella. I figured I want to find an alternative to "normal" pizza , so I gave this a shot with not knowing what it was going to taste like.

Pizza Bella 

First thingthat comes to mind about the Pizza Bella is that it's "Out of this world delicious". I love that the pizza portion of the Pizza Bella is made of a Portabello Mushroom; which these are my favorite type of mushroom. So I knew that it was just going to get better, and I was right in my opinion. The flavors of the Pizza Bella are just perfect I almost couldn't tell that it wasn't raw because all the flavor's blend so well together.

I would say that next time I go back to My Fit Foods , if the Pizza Bella is there I would get it in a heartbeat. Pizza Bella fills my pizza avoid without feel bloat or guilty about eating wheat, it's a win for me. I mean raw pizza vs cooked pizza , I am not seeing a reason not to love the raw version instant. I have bought more of Pat Greer food after this Pizza Bella, so I will follow up with reviews of the other Pat Greer products that I have tried.

Here's information where the location is:

412 W. Clay St. Houston, TX 77019


  1. I have a My Fit Foods near work. I'll have to check it out and see if they have any vegan options. 

  2. southnpurpleveganMarch 23, 2012 at 8:01 PM

    If they don't have it at My Fit Foods near your work , you can ask them to start ordering it. 

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  4. Pat Greer's Kitchen was definitely a highlight of my eating in Houston. She has weekly specials through MFF. Just call up your MFF store and they can email it to you. I think she needs 2 days notice if you want to order something specially for you. I agree, though, that the Pizza Bella was my favourite!