Monday, January 30, 2012

My Past Week Via Pictures ( Warning Pic Heavy)

My new favorite plant based milk. It's so good.
Homemade Pizza

Homemade Vegan Coleslaw.

Salad with homemade green dressing.

Messy Kitchen almost everyday.
Blister from new shoes after 10 minutes. 

Failed Cupcakes :-(.
Chickpea Popper's too spicy this time.

Marini's Avocado & SW Black bean  Empandas with salad.
Burnt my finger's so it hurts to type.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Mass Of Cupcakes

I really wanted some cupcakes the other day and I wanted to use up my strawberries. So in my head I came up with the idea of making Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cupcakes. Which I did a little research on a recipe and decide well lets try it by adding a little of this and that. In the end I got a mass of cupcakes and not individual ones.

Needless to say I will not be doing that again, It was a epic fail. Have you ever had a trouble making cupcakes?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Movie Review: Underwold Awaking 3D


I have been a big fan of the Underworld series since it started back when I was in high school. I was and still are completely obsessed with anything related to Vampires , Zombies or Werewolves. I was excited when a couple months ago I heard that there was going to be a NEW Underworld movie; I was thrilled!

I didn't know until recently that Underworld Awaking was going to be in 3D, however I was excited. I love it when action packed movie's are in 3D it just makes the movie better in my opinion. With the new technology that has come out in 3D movies I had hope that this movie was going to be good. Before I went to see the movie I started to read reviews on Rotten Tomatos website and I was very worried that Underworld Awaking was a bad movie based on all the reviews. That didn't really stop me from seeing the movie because I loved the original Underworld. 

I was glad that I went & saw Underworld Awaking in 3D it was not a mistake. I do believe if I didn't see it in 3D that the movie may have not have been as good. The effects of 3D used in this movie was excellent very well placed in the right parts of the movie , didn't seem out of place with Underworld movie. In fact I hope that they make another one especially with the way they end the movie they better making another Underworld movie & it better be in 3D.


I think I may go see the movie again but in a better theater the one I went to there 3D was off a little so it messed with my eyes. Usually that doesn't happen if you go to a movie theater that takes care of there 3D equipment. I got to see a few previews for upcoming 3D movies such like Resident Evil: Retribution, which I have seen the trailer already but I got to see it in 3D. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Why The Disappearing Act?

I know that I didn't really post anything after Wednesday of this last week, I just didn't have the motivation to get on the computer. I was in a mood of avoiding technology except my iPhone which has all my email accounts setup on it.

I was glad to not be near a computer for a couple days and not having to post anything. I was able to enjoy myself and rethink about how I am going to blog. I realized that I kinda suck at blogging I am not the best blogger nor the most consent blogger either but I realized that I write from my heart about subjects that are dear to me. 

I realized that when my heart isn't fully into something then I don't complete it, however with my mini break. I really did miss posting things in fact I have lots to write about. It is the year of the dragon so there is luck heading my way since I am dragon in Chinese zodiacs.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you were glad to not have to deal with technology?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Update PT. 2: Radical Eats

Radical Eats sign at the Farmer's Market.

More weekend fun information from this past Saturday & Sunday , I got to finally eat food from Radical Eats. Unfortunately I was only able to get a few pictures before my mom and me eat the two tamales. If you come across Radical Eats you must try there tamales, they are the best.

Owner of Radical Eats getting a sample of Corn & Spinach Tamale for me to try.
I got to meet the owner which is in the photo above , she gave me information on where Radical Eats is located. I will be going to the Radical Eats location sometime in the future but not sure when because my mom likes there food and so do I. 

Getting my tamales packed up to go.

After the sample of the Corn & Spinach Tamale; we got one Corn & Spinach Tamale and a Chiplote Black Bean Tamale. I wish I could have gotten more Tamales they were just that good;I mean the Corn & Spinach Tamale is great. The flavors are very balanced all around , every bite had the same flavor so you didn't miss out on the Corn & Spinach.

Lemonade you can buy a cup of to go with tamales and salsa.

As far as theChiplote Black Bean Tamale, it was spicy with a smoky overtone. I loved that it was spicy with every bite, it was smaller than the Spinach & Corn Tamale.

Spinach & Corn Tamale on left. On the right Black Bean Tamale.

I loved both of these tamales, I would get both of these tamales again. I wanted to know how to make tamales because of the one's I eat. Upon searching the internet I found a YouTube Video of Radical Eats showing how to make the Chiplote Black Bean Tamale.

I enjoyed Radical Eats , Have you every eaten at Radical Eats or any place similar? Leave a comment below.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Weight loss update & Weekend Fun pt.1

I have alot about this weekend to post so I am going to break it down into two post's so that I don't scary you off with alot of words. However I did good this week on weight loss I lost 4.4 lbs but gained +1.8lbs so I figured I am still doing good with my weight loss journey. I didn't really keep track of what I eat this past week but this upcoming week I'll start posting what I eat week to week while I lose weight.


Beside's the weight loss update , I had a great weekend. I am going to break down my weekend into multiple post's for this week because I splurged and got things that I normally don't get. I loved that I got to go to the Farmer's Market on Kirby in Houston; I am not sure if that's the right street or not. It was beautiful weekend , great weather and beautiful tomato's.

My mom showing how big the tomato is compared to the others.
This is just a quick short post I am working on the other parts of this post of this past weekend. I didn't get any photo's of remaining part of the farmer's market except for a few awesome photo's of the things I splurged on.

Beautiful tomato's from farmer's market
What's your favorite thing about going to Farmer's Market, leave a comment below.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Foodie Friday Finds & Fails

I didn't really have anything planned this Friday, so I am going to just wing it. Tomorrow I am going to a Farmer's Market in Houston somewhere, I promise to given information about it and a review. So I have to go see what I have in the kitchen and what I want to make. 

On to the finds & fails of this past two week since I forgot to post last week...First up is spaghetti squash I was so excited to make this but unfortunately it was a epic fail.

Way under cooked but overcooked at the same time.

Next up was a great find at Whole Foods in Sugar land, yes this store is proving me that is plant based diet friendly. I found these yummy pot stickers that were completely veggie.
These were all gone before I got home

The third find is not food related but yet a find of what the weather did in one day here in Houston with a major cell storm. This picture is from down the street from where I live.

Finally a find & a fail at the same time ... Hopping John with homemade cornbread. I learned the black eyed pea's were not cooked all the way which was the fail and find is that I could make it. 

I hope that everyone has a good weekend , let me know if you had any finds or fails this week. Leave me a comment , I love comments.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review of Marini's Empanada House


I found a wonderful empanda house right down from my house , it's wonderful. I can walk right  to the place with in a few minutes and get delicious food. I love that it's a family owned business which means that they only operate two locations but serve wonderful food. They are so friendly and excellent  and it makes me feel good that I am supporting a local company.

Inside of a cherry empanada.
They allow you to customize your food however you want it, in fact they have a vegetarian section of their menu , you can make it vegan by omitting the cheese from it when you order the empanada. And the dessert emphana's wow it's like dessert heaven, i was so excited about how many choices their were to choose from. I really like that they have such great selection and of course the food is super good, I want to try the curly fries if possible and maybe a empanada that isn't just the avocado.

Inside of avocado Empanada.

The dessert empanada are sweet however they are prefect amount of sweetness and fried dough. Which I shouldn't be eating that many of them very often, they are very sweet. The price of the place is about average price ($3.00-$7.00) for food because your paying for quality ingredients instant of crap. I am trying more and more to find places that are family owned or local like I used to in Oregon.

Have you ever had a empanada before, leave a comment if you had. I have the information on this restaurant on my vegan friendly tab;Check it out.

Friday, January 6, 2012

My experience on this journey

I have been absent from blogging due multiple things going on, for one I am looking for a job. Well looking for a job is not easy in this economy so it demands alot of me. I have been working out more with my free time and I love it. Before I start this blog I was very overweight in fact I almost weigh about 290 at my highest, that was when I was very unhealthy.

It's took me about 1 year of learning how to get in a groove of wanting to get healthy. This year I will be able  to lose my weight and will be able to keep it off. This past year before I went vegan it was a very rough year or two. I went from being vegetarian to vegan overnight due high sensitive to milk and all milk products.

I really didn't understand until a few months ago what the exact healthy benefits where of a plant based diet (vegan). It was like overnight results and they are still continuing. The picture on the left is from November 2009 and the picture on the right is from November 2011.

I didn't really notice the different until I found my pictures on my camera from the past year's and noticed the weight different. However this is the only the begin I am going to continue to this process to lose weight, I am at 250 now. I know it's not the best weight but I have kept it off and I am continuing to lose the weight.

I am really putting myself out here to explain that my blog is going to be changing alot , after thinking this over. I am going to keep the name but however my focus on going to be primarily on weight loss journey while here in Texas. I am going to keep on doing reviews of everything that comes my way that is part of the plant based diet; notice that I am not really using the word vegan. I feel that it's way overused these days but yes I will consider myself vegan.

What do you think of my new direction for my blog? Be honest please I am open to feedback.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals Not Resolutions!

Welcome to the year 2012, this is my year. I have decided that resolutions are out and goals are in; simply because we set our self for failure when it's a resolution. With goals you usually hold yourself more accountable for your actions to that goal.

For myself I am setting a few goals that are personal and I will share only five of those here on my blog. The other's will be kept to me and my close friends & family.

So here they are:

1. Removed ANY High Fructose Corn Syrup products from my diet completely.


2. Do yoga everyday at least 30 minutes per day.


3. Start college before my next birthday.


4. Blog more often which means setting time as side each day to write at least 5 posts a week.


5. Enjoy 2012 because it's my year the year of dragon.


Is there any goals that you hope to meet this year? Let me know.