Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Update PT. 2: Radical Eats

Radical Eats sign at the Farmer's Market.

More weekend fun information from this past Saturday & Sunday , I got to finally eat food from Radical Eats. Unfortunately I was only able to get a few pictures before my mom and me eat the two tamales. If you come across Radical Eats you must try there tamales, they are the best.

Owner of Radical Eats getting a sample of Corn & Spinach Tamale for me to try.
I got to meet the owner which is in the photo above , she gave me information on where Radical Eats is located. I will be going to the Radical Eats location sometime in the future but not sure when because my mom likes there food and so do I. 

Getting my tamales packed up to go.

After the sample of the Corn & Spinach Tamale; we got one Corn & Spinach Tamale and a Chiplote Black Bean Tamale. I wish I could have gotten more Tamales they were just that good;I mean the Corn & Spinach Tamale is great. The flavors are very balanced all around , every bite had the same flavor so you didn't miss out on the Corn & Spinach.

Lemonade you can buy a cup of to go with tamales and salsa.

As far as theChiplote Black Bean Tamale, it was spicy with a smoky overtone. I loved that it was spicy with every bite, it was smaller than the Spinach & Corn Tamale.

Spinach & Corn Tamale on left. On the right Black Bean Tamale.

I loved both of these tamales, I would get both of these tamales again. I wanted to know how to make tamales because of the one's I eat. Upon searching the internet I found a YouTube Video of Radical Eats showing how to make the Chiplote Black Bean Tamale.

I enjoyed Radical Eats , Have you every eaten at Radical Eats or any place similar? Leave a comment below.

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