Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review of Marini's Empanada House


I found a wonderful empanda house right down from my house , it's wonderful. I can walk right  to the place with in a few minutes and get delicious food. I love that it's a family owned business which means that they only operate two locations but serve wonderful food. They are so friendly and excellent  and it makes me feel good that I am supporting a local company.

Inside of a cherry empanada.
They allow you to customize your food however you want it, in fact they have a vegetarian section of their menu , you can make it vegan by omitting the cheese from it when you order the empanada. And the dessert emphana's wow it's like dessert heaven, i was so excited about how many choices their were to choose from. I really like that they have such great selection and of course the food is super good, I want to try the curly fries if possible and maybe a empanada that isn't just the avocado.

Inside of avocado Empanada.

The dessert empanada are sweet however they are prefect amount of sweetness and fried dough. Which I shouldn't be eating that many of them very often, they are very sweet. The price of the place is about average price ($3.00-$7.00) for food because your paying for quality ingredients instant of crap. I am trying more and more to find places that are family owned or local like I used to in Oregon.

Have you ever had a empanada before, leave a comment if you had. I have the information on this restaurant on my vegan friendly tab;Check it out.

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