Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Veggie Fun Noodles

Taken at Whole Foods, shows whats in the bowl.

Last week I got a rice noodle bowl from Whole Foods at first ,I wasn't too sure that I would like rice noodle bowl. Oh was I wrong , it was so good that I had it for dinner & supper. The bowl it's self look good in whole foods and I didn't know that it was so good. In fact I didn't mind the tofu in the rice noodle bowl, note I am a vegan who hates tofu; which means this bowl was good.

Whole Food's prepared rice noodle bowl for show
I was worry that since the bowl had broth that it would be messy getting home, but no the person who made it put the broth in a separate container. This made things easy for traveling back home which was about 15 minutes away on a good day with no traffic.

Left container  has everything for the rice noodle bowl  & the right container has  the broth.
I was happy once I got home because I was so hungry by then I was thinking , I could eat the whole bowl. However after I add in the broth , it seemed like the bowl got bigger than before. It was the best I have every had before I love the complete flavor of the whole thing, I add nothing to it at all. Which is a good sign and in fact I ate the tofu; I wasn't turn off by it either is a very good sign.

Veggie fun rice noodle bowl with broth add in.

I really liked this bowl and will probably get it again , when I am in a hurry and have no time. Everything in the bowl is just the right flavor , but i am not sure of the nutritional information on the bowl. So if your really trying to keep track of what you eat then you might want to make it at home.

Thank you Diana @ VeggieNextDoor, for helping me with my iPhone picture situation. I went a little crazy and used photoshop on all these pictures.

Have you ever had a noodle bowl from whole foods?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Long Holiday

Thanksgiving is such a nice holiday to see family and spend time with them but it is also a very long holiday. If you include black Friday as part of that. I spend most of my Friday recovering from the long trip to my family's house near Huntsville , Texas. It was a great day , however I didn't capture my plate of food that I bought with me.

I bought butternut squash dusted with cinnamon , green beans, brussels sprouts and rosemary rolls which was all from whole foods; and of course vegan pumpkin pie.I think I have found my new lover for pumpkin pie, because sadly the pumpkin pie gelato now has milk in it. I was sad to hear that but oh well , whole foods makes a killer pumpkin pie.

Needless to say my family was slightly interested in how I eat , except for one family member whom was general interested at the same time. I kept my cool with all the questions about why I was vegan and what I eat. I mean I haven't seen my family in 4 years so I could understand, because the last time they saw me I was vegetarian.

Enough about me rambling about Thanksgiving and stuff. Some exciting news, I am going to be reviewing Larabar and Amy's courteous of both of theses companies. I should be posting a review of Amy's frozen items sometime this upcoming week. Along with those reviews I will be posting a review of the pumpkin pie above that I had for Thanksgiving, plus two restaurant reviews from the Houston area.

Does anyone know how to transfer pictures from iPhone to computer to use on a blog?

Please leave me a comment below if you know anything on how to do that.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Tofurky Day

Happy Tofurky Day to all. I will be on hiatus until the holiday is over which means I'll be back on Friday. If I get free time before Tofurky Day then I will post.

Have a good Tofurky Day!!!
I will leave you with a wonderful picture.

Wonderful Picture of Snow from Oregon taken by R.Bork

Friday, November 18, 2011

When not to argue with a meat eater

Today while I was out with my family, we went grocery shopping and we're going to pick up a pancake mix; for a breakfast this week. My family stated that I would have to eat eggs in order for them to make the pancakes because that is the only way you can make pancakes. Right then at the exact moment I bit down my tongue knowing that it was one of those moments in life that test you about your beliefs and way of life.

I decide that this was not the argument that would be worth the hard time and mental thinking to get my point across. However I guess that it was one of those days that I had to get my point across about vegans being able to eat the same things as meat eaters. This wasn't my first run in with this argument I have avoid it once before , because I don't like to push my thoughts on to other about my beliefs nor prove myself either. 

This argument  started about with how I like baking, and my family  chimed in will you can't bake without eggs. Oh boy that was when I was like man the ship for all weapons it's time to go to war. I was locked and load . 

See I used my knowledge to make sure that I could backup my argument , but about the baking apart that was the beginning. The argument ended today in the store over the pancake mix, after I stood their looking at my family while they were shopping for pancake mix. I just said look I am not going to argue about this anymore, if you don't believe then don't but their are facts backup me showing that it is possible for vegan's to make pancake mix with ANY eggs,honey, or milk.

I have a feeling that this argument may come back, but what I really learned is that if you believe in something . Sometime it is important to argue your point and sometime it is not. Which leads me to the title of this post when not to argue with a meat eater. I choose it simply because I live in the land of meat and potatoes ; I have to learn when to choose my battles.

Have you ever had an experience like this or anything similar?
Please comment below.

Occupy Movement

Warning this post is about me rambling about the occupy movement and my thoughts.!!

My thoughts on Occupy movement, is very open to what it  is about. I would have to say I would completely agree with what the movements presence is about. However I know lots of people that don't like the movement. I usually don't believe in sharing my thoughts on politics but however this is one of those things that I will talk about.

When I lived in central Oregon which is in the middle of the state, I went to a tea party movement. I was lucky enough to get pictures of the whole movement that day and everyone was willing to allow me to take the pictures. I think I was allowed to capture the whole thing digital because I am young person in my twenties and I am not happy with how the government has gotten.

A picture from Tea Party in Bend,Oregon 2009
In fact I am pissed off about how the government is now , especially since I didn't get a chance to go to college right after high school. Simple because my family could not afford the cost of college in 2007 and I know since then it has gone up. Instant of college I went to right into the workforce and worked for a anonymous fortune 500 company for four years in the hopes that I would be able to afford college.

However I still couldn't afford college nor afford to change jobs because during the time I was working the government and economy got ruined. I mean living in Oregon which has one of the highest unemployment rates shows really how bad the government is f**k'd up. The fact that they stated it was getting better ,but it hasn't they bailed out the banks and emptied the 99%'s wallet at the expense of bailing out the banks.

Most people would say that it's not true, try living in Oregon where it is true. After the economy got ruined and the banks were bailed out income tax got higher. Along with everything else , at first I didn't believe this and I though I was imaging it all. I would look over my pay checks and notice that almost 2/5's of my paycheck was going to the government, I was paying for what the government did. 

I still feel that the government should own up to what has happen instant of avoiding and abusing the people over the rights that the government has to fix the situation. Every person has the right to peaceful protest this movement but however the government feels that we should be stopped and silenced. That we the 99% have no say in what happens in this democratic government , except for what options are given to us. Which are limited and few. 

Everyday I listen and read about what is going on in the movement all over america. What I hear is that Occupy is making good steps in its movement but then I here about. The brutal things that the police are doing so many people have been injured , why is it that for protesting something that your passion about. Gets you beaten up by the police which are to protect us, but yet they do what the government tells them to do.

For now I will leave this subject be at what I have typed , I may come back at a later dated in time and post more things about this issue. What I wrote was something that I need to get off my chest and need to be written down before I forgot.

Please feel free to leave comments about how you feel about Occupy movement.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who's a which witch?

I love sandwich's of all types and I love most sandwich shops too. However my favorite shop since I got to Texas is Which Witch, personal  this is the best sandwich shop hands down. The location I go to ; the employees are so friendly and nice.

It's nice to go Which Witch because of the employee's and of course the sandwiches; enough of me rambling. I got a Tomato & Avocado sandwich from them tonight, it was my first real meal since I got sick. 

Which Witch is not vegan shop they make all types of sandwiches but however they have a special set of sandwiches that are vegetarian. 

Note all the vegetarian sandwiches can be made vegan if you don't select anything animal related. Above picture shows how you order your sandwich . 
You select which type you want , then you select what type of bread. It goes on how much you can customize your sandwich to the way you want.

As you can see I ordered a Tomato & Avocado on wheat toasted with salsa, red onions, lettuce, cucumbers,black olives, mushrooms,oregano, pepper and of course garlic.

I took a picture of the sandwich for you guys before I bit into it, Which Witch is my favorite go to sandwich place but they are higher than Subway.

What's your favorite go to sandwich shop? Have you ever been to Which Witch? 
If so whats your favorite sandwich?

Zombies or Snot

I know that the title isn't the best but hey what can you say when it's the first thing that comes to mind. I recently posted that I was out sick, and I was. It felt like I was a zombie just going through the motions of living but not being able to enjoy it. 

I had caught a stomach virus that was going around, in fact it was in the news. They went over on how to avoid it and prevent it from happening in your family. Which I think in my opinion they posted this a little too late, I lost about 30 dollar worth of groceries because they went bad by me being sick.

It's been almost a week and I am now starting to eat real food besides the B.R.A.T diet. Which most of us would know isn't that fun, it's very limited. I am glad to be able to eat miso soup and a salad with ginger dressing from Sushi Hana , it's now my favorite meal. 

It feels nice to be blogging again, but I know that this isn't a review of anything vegan nor vegan related. However while I was sick I got a couple cookbooks on one of the days I was feeling better, so I'll show those soon.

 Right now I am still not interested in food because I am not completely better,once I am my posts will be my regular schedule one's and even more home cooked food. I decided that's the only way to make sure that I don't get sick like this again. 

Any suggestion's for food that is flavorful but will work with a stomach virus?

Leave a comment below.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Out Sick

I will not be posting for a little while , I am very sick right now. I got some type of flu, so it may be a couple days before I am back with posting on time. Just wanted to give a heads up and let you'll know that I haven't stopped my blogging.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

I really don't feel like writing today, so I am calling this post Whatever Wednesday.

So I am just going to post a picture of my dinner from last night.

Black bean ,bell pepper , kale , tomato and gaucomole burrito.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holy Amy's

My best stash of Amy's products , this was before I left Oregon. Can you tell that I like Amy's soups a little to much. What's your favorite Amy's product?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wonderful Purple

I am a sucker for purple things because it's my favorite color in the whole world. I have most things purple, but I didn't think that would be part of my lotion collection that I have. I recently got Victoria Sercet Lotion  and a few other things from them. My favorite smell is love spell , which happens to be purple( I think that's funny).

I would have to say that this stuff smells great and I love it. I love Victoria Sercet customer service , they helped me alot. When I got the box from UPS the body spray was missing from the box, I know its in the picture. I called them told them what happen , and the rep ordered me a new one with three day shipping because of what happen at no charge.

What I got was the shimmer lotion , hand lotion , two body butter's and a body spray for $ 30.00 dollars. Which they have that deal going on with the whole collection right now , however the simmer spray and brush are not included. Victoria Secret lotions and body spray are cruelty free which I love that and they are sulfa free expect the shower stuff that has sulfa in it.

*Dis closer: Complete review was of my own opinions and I was not paid to review this product.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Prefect Pumpkin

Add caption
My new favorite thing to get besides Luna & Larry's Coconut Ice Cream, is Pumpkin Pie gelato. I was like omg! they have something that tastes just like pumpkin pie, I haven't had a pumpkin pie since I went vegan. The area I was living in was a really small town, so when I saw this I was like wow.

I had the Phoenicia cafe make sure for me that it had nothing from animals in it , and they stated that it's dairy free, egg free and honey free. So I picked out Pumpkin Pie and my mom picked out pistachio with orange blossom. So inside the container half was pistachio and half was pumpkin pie which made it hard to spoon out the pumpkin pie to avoid pistachio part. 

I was finally able to just get the pumpkin pie part out , and it was just like eating pumpkin pie.Here's a picture of it

This was from Phoenicia Deli & Coffeehouse which is on  12151 Westheimer Rd Ste P in Houston , the Neighborhood it's in is Westchase.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Moo Moo's Poblano Patties Review

Moo Moo's Poblano Chickpea Patties

I was so excited when I found vegan & gluten free frozen dinner in the frozen section at H*E*B. Moo Moo's had a few frozen dinner options at the store , but I went with this one.

Simply because I love spicy things and I figured it would be spicy because of the Poblano. I would have to say this frozen dinner was not cheap it was about almost $7.00 after tax.

Nutritional Information for the Poblano Patties

Based on the nutritional information and it being poblano patties, I got the frozen dinner. I waited to try it for a couple  days, so I finally did try it. I wasn't that happy with the frozen dinner, first of all the plastic broke while microwaving the food. Which mad me really upset ,because half the sauce that was in the dish was on my microwave.

What came out of the dish on the side was the roasted corn salsa that was supposed to be part of the poblano chickpea patties. The patties were very mushy, and lacked a little flavor their was no real spice. It seemed like the poblano was lack of from the patties, if their was a little more poblano that would have balanced out the mushy part of the patties. If they were more firm that would have been excellent, but they weren't.

I had to add in a little more salsa my self to make the patties better, because they are mushy. The mushy thing was the part that I didn't like at all. Overall the flavor was okay , the product was  good and the plastic of the product is okay. I would not buy this again simply because the flavor was off and wasn't what I was expecting. 

* Dis closer: All reviews are of my own and I was not paid to review this product. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cute Cat Necklace

Cat Necklace From 1sayasale.

I was very worried about buying from one of the sale websites , the one's that have great deals. I decide to give one a try which is 1dayasale.com, and they had this wonderful cat necklace. I was for $7.99 which normally it's $112.00. First thing that came to mind was that it might be of poor quality, oh boy was I wrong. This necklace is of really good quality plus it only cost 13.98 with shipping.

I just love this necklace which is my new favorite, I just had to share. I was not paid to review the website all opinions are my own.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hail Merry Macaroons Reivews

Outside of Hail Merry Macaroons.

I love love these they are the best , just so wonderful and good. The package may look a little empty its because by the time I got to take a picture of it. My family and I  had eaten most of the Macaroons, they were just that good. What really drew me into trying some of the Hail Merry Products was that it is raw,vegan and gluten free. I always try to get raw desserts instant of the one's that have refined sugars and Hail Merry Macaroons don't have refined sugars.

Nutritional Information on the Macaroons.

Hail Merry Macaroons are something I will being getting in the future again, the macaroons are so so amazing. They have just the right amount of chocolate in them, the chocolate macaroons almost don't seem like they have coconut in them.

One of the Chocolate macaroons. 

I will be trying more of Hail Merry products in the future, the macaroons won me over. I got these in Houston on Kirby at the Whole Foods, and they have alot of Hail Merry products. Note you can find the Hail Merry products past the produce section over the yogurt and refrigeration section of the store.

Inside of Hail Merry Macaroon.

This review was all my own opinion and I was not paid to do this review.  If you have had Hail Merry products tell me your favorite is. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who said vegan pizza wasn't good.

When I moved to Texas, I was in a rude awaking because this is the land of meat and potatoes. I got kinda of worried that I wouldn't be able to find a decent pizza place that I could eat at besides Domino's. I'll save my thoughts on Domino's for another day, however I did find a pizza place thanks to my wonderful mom.

Russo's New York Pizzeria was the place that my mom recommend to me , I was worried that they used eggs. Will I emailed the company directly and asked if they used eggs in the pizza dough. I got a very quick reply within 2 hours stating no they do not use eggs in the dough and they are happy to work with people whom do not eat dairy nor meat.

Front of the pizza box

With knowing that I ordered a pizza from the website , I got Hearty Healthy Veggie. It includes:
A close up

This pizza was better than a pizza with cheese , that's what my mom said and she is omi. So that surprised me alot and showed that pizza without cheese is pretty damn good. Tell me what your favorite pizza place is? Mines Russo's New York Pizzeria