Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who's a which witch?

I love sandwich's of all types and I love most sandwich shops too. However my favorite shop since I got to Texas is Which Witch, personal  this is the best sandwich shop hands down. The location I go to ; the employees are so friendly and nice.

It's nice to go Which Witch because of the employee's and of course the sandwiches; enough of me rambling. I got a Tomato & Avocado sandwich from them tonight, it was my first real meal since I got sick. 

Which Witch is not vegan shop they make all types of sandwiches but however they have a special set of sandwiches that are vegetarian. 

Note all the vegetarian sandwiches can be made vegan if you don't select anything animal related. Above picture shows how you order your sandwich . 
You select which type you want , then you select what type of bread. It goes on how much you can customize your sandwich to the way you want.

As you can see I ordered a Tomato & Avocado on wheat toasted with salsa, red onions, lettuce, cucumbers,black olives, mushrooms,oregano, pepper and of course garlic.

I took a picture of the sandwich for you guys before I bit into it, Which Witch is my favorite go to sandwich place but they are higher than Subway.

What's your favorite go to sandwich shop? Have you ever been to Which Witch? 
If so whats your favorite sandwich?

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  1. I tried out Which 'Wich a few years ago when visiting Texas and loved it! They have so many more fresh & flavorful options than most sandwich chains.