Sunday, November 6, 2011

Prefect Pumpkin

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My new favorite thing to get besides Luna & Larry's Coconut Ice Cream, is Pumpkin Pie gelato. I was like omg! they have something that tastes just like pumpkin pie, I haven't had a pumpkin pie since I went vegan. The area I was living in was a really small town, so when I saw this I was like wow.

I had the Phoenicia cafe make sure for me that it had nothing from animals in it , and they stated that it's dairy free, egg free and honey free. So I picked out Pumpkin Pie and my mom picked out pistachio with orange blossom. So inside the container half was pistachio and half was pumpkin pie which made it hard to spoon out the pumpkin pie to avoid pistachio part. 

I was finally able to just get the pumpkin pie part out , and it was just like eating pumpkin pie.Here's a picture of it

This was from Phoenicia Deli & Coffeehouse which is on  12151 Westheimer Rd Ste P in Houston , the Neighborhood it's in is Westchase.

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  1. This is so unfair. Why can't Phoenicia be in California??? You got me all excited for gelato! Looks like I will be traveling far for a scoop :)