Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Veggie Fun Noodles

Taken at Whole Foods, shows whats in the bowl.

Last week I got a rice noodle bowl from Whole Foods at first ,I wasn't too sure that I would like rice noodle bowl. Oh was I wrong , it was so good that I had it for dinner & supper. The bowl it's self look good in whole foods and I didn't know that it was so good. In fact I didn't mind the tofu in the rice noodle bowl, note I am a vegan who hates tofu; which means this bowl was good.

Whole Food's prepared rice noodle bowl for show
I was worry that since the bowl had broth that it would be messy getting home, but no the person who made it put the broth in a separate container. This made things easy for traveling back home which was about 15 minutes away on a good day with no traffic.

Left container  has everything for the rice noodle bowl  & the right container has  the broth.
I was happy once I got home because I was so hungry by then I was thinking , I could eat the whole bowl. However after I add in the broth , it seemed like the bowl got bigger than before. It was the best I have every had before I love the complete flavor of the whole thing, I add nothing to it at all. Which is a good sign and in fact I ate the tofu; I wasn't turn off by it either is a very good sign.

Veggie fun rice noodle bowl with broth add in.

I really liked this bowl and will probably get it again , when I am in a hurry and have no time. Everything in the bowl is just the right flavor , but i am not sure of the nutritional information on the bowl. So if your really trying to keep track of what you eat then you might want to make it at home.

Thank you Diana @ VeggieNextDoor, for helping me with my iPhone picture situation. I went a little crazy and used photoshop on all these pictures.

Have you ever had a noodle bowl from whole foods?


  1. You are so sweet - I am glad the iPhone tips helped :-)

    Yep, I have had this bowl before, and it is a good one!

  2. Have you ever had the tofu satay at whole foods?