Monday, October 5, 2015

Cinnamon Rolls Where are you?

Since my tooth cracked I started to eat more soft things, just out of habit even though I have a permant replacement in. With saying that I have been searching for cinnamon rolls, I have looked everywhere that is in my area of Houston and no luck. 

Literally I went to five stores in one day looking for the cinnamon rolls and none to be found; but yet the ones I can't eat where to be find.  However just recently I found some friendly cinnamon rolls at Target.... they look good..... I cooked them.. 

....however they are not the best cinnamon rolls. So I have decide that I am going to have to make my own cinnamon rolls for the next time because these didn't past me very well neither did they for the boyfriend.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Posion me no more....

Finally back on track to my version of normal. I was gone for such a time, a lot has happen that has made me grow.  For instance my allergies were not the only problem I had going on, it happen to be that I had a tooth that was decayed from a bad filling when I was younger. 

Unfortunately because it was a bad filling; my tooth ended up cracking one day when I was at my training for being a supervisor at my job. It was the worst pain in the world to have, which to come to find it was really a blessing that it cracked. Due to that simple fact that under the gumline an infection was growing that was causing a lot of my health issues. 

Since I have had that tooth removed and a replacement put in, I have physical felt much better than I have in a long time. My allergies don't bug me as much as they used too, and I am not getting as sick easily anymore. 

Which has slowly but surely allowed me to head back to a health lifesytle. However now I am so much more concern about sweet things and crunchy things to protect my teeth. I have decided with what has happen that some of my posts will change according to whats going on. 

For those who read this blog, did you ever have a tooth crack?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Poison me not yet

Yes, I did disappear again....Oops not really..

I have been sick thanks to wonderful allergies that are hear in Texas...oh the fun! I actually went to the doctor to get medicine, I am not one to get prescription medicine. However it is very helpful to get sometimes when only the problem is getting worse and not better. 

So I have been grumpy,tired and out of it thanks to the loving medicine that is to help my allergies, it even messes with my sense of taste and smell. I wanted to update you all with whats going on, I know I said I would be in here more however life gets in the way.

I do have lots of things to post on here I mean tons from last year all the way up until now. Or maybe I will skip all that and just start fresh. My main focus right now is get my life straight, I might hop on here from time to time. 

Oh one last thing I have a tumblr account are they worth it for blogging feedback is loved. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Blogging and Body Confidence

Life is interesting, full of twists and turns; makes things interesting yet fun. That is how I am back to blogging I have made turn to start writing and start photography again. Some where down in my heart tells me it is the right thing, to listen to your heart is to listen to soul. It's like the saying that music is the heart and soul for singers, will I happen to be a really good singer... Yet I hide that I am simply because I am shy..

I am going to start a blog series based on positive thinking, positive  thoughts and self improvement; along with that I will share my adventures of me learning to be myself with confidence. All of this came upon after watching a couple YouTube videos from Sarah Rae Vargas, she is awesome. She made me realize that body confidence and confidence are really important to oneself. 

I will still be doing my food and nutrition part of my blog, I will sharing more of my daily life posts to show you how I have been able to be successful at my weight loss. Yes that's right all the weight I have kept off has not come back and I will go into how it has been possible. For now I will leave you to wondering where I have been....