Sunday, October 4, 2015

Posion me no more....

Finally back on track to my version of normal. I was gone for such a time, a lot has happen that has made me grow.  For instance my allergies were not the only problem I had going on, it happen to be that I had a tooth that was decayed from a bad filling when I was younger. 

Unfortunately because it was a bad filling; my tooth ended up cracking one day when I was at my training for being a supervisor at my job. It was the worst pain in the world to have, which to come to find it was really a blessing that it cracked. Due to that simple fact that under the gumline an infection was growing that was causing a lot of my health issues. 

Since I have had that tooth removed and a replacement put in, I have physical felt much better than I have in a long time. My allergies don't bug me as much as they used too, and I am not getting as sick easily anymore. 

Which has slowly but surely allowed me to head back to a health lifesytle. However now I am so much more concern about sweet things and crunchy things to protect my teeth. I have decided with what has happen that some of my posts will change according to whats going on. 

For those who read this blog, did you ever have a tooth crack?

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