Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello Kitty

I am a big fan of Hello Kitty and I love that it has been everywhere. I mean its on tee shirts to clothing all the way to makeup. She is everywhere , I am excited because I love Hello Kitty not because its pink., but because she is so so cute.

I have been more excited than every since Hello Kitty products are everywhere . I even have two tee's from Hello Kitty, one from Hot topic and the other from Old Navy. On top of that I got something yesterday to add to my collection and it was at a good deal. I got Hello Kitty boots like house boots they are so cute, normal 30.00 dollars ..... I got them for 10.00 dollars from Ross.

If you like Hello Kitty, tell me your favorite thing that you own?

Grocery Finds

I recently had a chance just to go grocery shopping with my boyfriend and me instant of me and my mom. When I shop with my mom I don't really get that much time to look for things I like to get. I got quiet a few things that I was surprised about from Kroger and Super Target which are down the street from me.

Super Target was the first place I went to get some food, at first I was thinking I am not going to be able to find anything. As I started from frozen food section to dry foods my hope got better and I found quiet a few interesting products. From Annie's to Guacamole to anything else, I lost the receipt so I am just going to show the pictures I took of what I got.

Annie's from Super Target, I am so excited.

Organic Fruit Leather Super Target brand.

From Super Target Pirate's Booty Veggie, YAY!

After Super Target I went to the Kroger that was within walking distance and I really got a haul on Lara bars. I was excited about how many flavors they had , it was like I was back in Oregon. I also lost the receipt to Kroger so I'll show you pictures of what I got.

Larabar stash from Kroger.

More of Larabar stash from Kroger

True North is from Super Target and Back to Nature Granola to Go from Kroger

Two are from Super Target and one from Kroger.

These looked yummy , they were from Kroger.

I know thats not much food but I had alot of food at home. I never really buy snacking food, but with how I get busy  and forget to eat. These products I got will make sure that I eat something when I am in hurry. I paid for this all myself and I was not paid to review these grocery stores.

 Enough of all that tell me what your favorite thing to get at Super Target is?
Mine is getting the Pirates Booty Veggie.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

NPR & Zombies

The other day I was in the car with my mom and we're listening to NPR on Saturday to be exact. One of the subject's that was on at the time was about this decades icon and what it was. I was very interested in hearing what it was, so I listened to find that Zombies were this generations icon.

I started to think "What?", but then I realized yes that is very true. Since I could remeber as a child that zombies was always a sub culture,but as I got older zombies became more common. They were every where from tv to books, including your daily life.  I did a little research and found lists upon lists of zombie films and information.

After a little thinking and research I realized that what NPR said was completly true. I have always been following the Resident Evil series along with anything horror related. Infact I have seen every Resident Evil movies that has came out in the past few years.

With doing all this research I came across this clip about the upcoming Resident Evil : Retribution coming out in September 14th, 2012. So mark your calender Resident Evil fans! Tell me what you think about what NPR said, comment below.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mac VS Pc

I have been looking for a laptop for when I start school , but i am still not sure about what degree I am going for. Which has been part of the problem when looking for a laptop or mac book , simply because I do not know what I am going to be doing.

With knowing that I am not sure about what degree I am going to do , I have looked and looked over laptops and mac books. And now I have to selected down to three different mac books and laptops that I may wanted to get.

What I want to get top to bottom...

First Place is 13inch Macbook Air

Third Place was Tosbiha Portege R830


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back to 80s remix

I was thinking about the decade that I was born in the 80s to young to remember , I was a baby in those days. What I do remember is that their were a lot of horror / scifi movies during that time that come out. Recently The Thing was released in the theatres again, I am not sure if it's a remake or prequel.

I saw the movie , I thought it was great movie it was different then what I was imaging when this movie come to mind. It is definitely a must see if you are the type of person that likes horror movies. Afterwards in the evening I looked up on netflix the original version and add it to the quene , I haven't watched it yet.

Just Juice ...

I usually a person who doesn't like fresh juiced beets or anything like that , but I have changed my opinion about beets. I recently got a chance to go to Central Market in Houston , Texas. Omg! I love this grocery store its what a store should be.

When you first walk into the store you are in the produce section, its big. Its my favorite produce section I have seen to this date. In this same area they juice the veggies and fruit that they sell. Their were quiet a few options I got two of the juices: ABC (apple ,beet , carrot) Juice and Carrot Orange Juice.

The flavor of the Carrot Orange was very very well balanced I would have to say. The other juice ABC which I didn't take a picture of was different but won me over on liking beets.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To cute tofu

I recently went to a H*E*B which is a grocery store here in the Houston , Texas area. While I was in the store my mom told me about a tofu fried rice that was completely vegan and it was in the store we're at. She told that she meet the people who own or make the products , and that the food was to died for.

I am not a person who likes tofu very much but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try the fried rice.  So I got the rice it was like around $5.00 or so , can't remember but what I do remember when picking up the rice is that they made egg rolls that were completely vegan. Now those were very pricey in my opinion it was like $6.97 for a box that had maybe 6-9 egg rolls in them , they looked yummy.

This is what it looks like right after microwaving it.

So I bought the tofu fried rice from Banyan Foods , which to be honest someone who doesn't like tofu. I actually liked it which surprised me and my mom.This is a very simple tofu fried rice that is very good the box has two servings inside of it and  nutrition was pretty good. It is very easy to make the fired rice they give you two ways to make it. I made it by microwaving it , I was hungry.

 However I did noticed that it had a slight lack of favor , I add in Bragg's Liquid Amino's to it with some pepper and Toasted Seamese Oil. Which add these things it made it taste better. Overall I would have to say that the Tofu Fried Rice is pretty good in my book.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm back

Well after a couple months of self pity and loathe , I found that after all the research I did. That I wasn't happy where I was nor the job that I was doing. So I made a huge change.... I moved back to Houston, Texas. I mean its a big change , I am in the land of meat and potatoes and this is hard to adjust to.

So from now on going forward this blog will be changing a little bit since I have moved into my family's house and will be making din dins with them instant of just for two people. But the main thing I am going to show here that it is possible to be vegan in Houston.

Later this week I am going to do a review of Russo's New York Pizzeria or Mission Burrito new places that I found were yummy.