Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To cute tofu

I recently went to a H*E*B which is a grocery store here in the Houston , Texas area. While I was in the store my mom told me about a tofu fried rice that was completely vegan and it was in the store we're at. She told that she meet the people who own or make the products , and that the food was to died for.

I am not a person who likes tofu very much but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try the fried rice.  So I got the rice it was like around $5.00 or so , can't remember but what I do remember when picking up the rice is that they made egg rolls that were completely vegan. Now those were very pricey in my opinion it was like $6.97 for a box that had maybe 6-9 egg rolls in them , they looked yummy.

This is what it looks like right after microwaving it.

So I bought the tofu fried rice from Banyan Foods , which to be honest someone who doesn't like tofu. I actually liked it which surprised me and my mom.This is a very simple tofu fried rice that is very good the box has two servings inside of it and  nutrition was pretty good. It is very easy to make the fired rice they give you two ways to make it. I made it by microwaving it , I was hungry.

 However I did noticed that it had a slight lack of favor , I add in Bragg's Liquid Amino's to it with some pepper and Toasted Seamese Oil. Which add these things it made it taste better. Overall I would have to say that the Tofu Fried Rice is pretty good in my book.

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