Sunday, October 30, 2011

NPR & Zombies

The other day I was in the car with my mom and we're listening to NPR on Saturday to be exact. One of the subject's that was on at the time was about this decades icon and what it was. I was very interested in hearing what it was, so I listened to find that Zombies were this generations icon.

I started to think "What?", but then I realized yes that is very true. Since I could remeber as a child that zombies was always a sub culture,but as I got older zombies became more common. They were every where from tv to books, including your daily life.  I did a little research and found lists upon lists of zombie films and information.

After a little thinking and research I realized that what NPR said was completly true. I have always been following the Resident Evil series along with anything horror related. Infact I have seen every Resident Evil movies that has came out in the past few years.

With doing all this research I came across this clip about the upcoming Resident Evil : Retribution coming out in September 14th, 2012. So mark your calender Resident Evil fans! Tell me what you think about what NPR said, comment below.

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