Monday, October 31, 2011

Grocery Finds

I recently had a chance just to go grocery shopping with my boyfriend and me instant of me and my mom. When I shop with my mom I don't really get that much time to look for things I like to get. I got quiet a few things that I was surprised about from Kroger and Super Target which are down the street from me.

Super Target was the first place I went to get some food, at first I was thinking I am not going to be able to find anything. As I started from frozen food section to dry foods my hope got better and I found quiet a few interesting products. From Annie's to Guacamole to anything else, I lost the receipt so I am just going to show the pictures I took of what I got.

Annie's from Super Target, I am so excited.

Organic Fruit Leather Super Target brand.

From Super Target Pirate's Booty Veggie, YAY!

After Super Target I went to the Kroger that was within walking distance and I really got a haul on Lara bars. I was excited about how many flavors they had , it was like I was back in Oregon. I also lost the receipt to Kroger so I'll show you pictures of what I got.

Larabar stash from Kroger.

More of Larabar stash from Kroger

True North is from Super Target and Back to Nature Granola to Go from Kroger

Two are from Super Target and one from Kroger.

These looked yummy , they were from Kroger.

I know thats not much food but I had alot of food at home. I never really buy snacking food, but with how I get busy  and forget to eat. These products I got will make sure that I eat something when I am in hurry. I paid for this all myself and I was not paid to review these grocery stores.

 Enough of all that tell me what your favorite thing to get at Super Target is?
Mine is getting the Pirates Booty Veggie.

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