Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wordless Thursday

Wordless Thursday in Vegan Mofo month means. An awesome picture..

A recent meal from Whole Foods, it was awesome. Tomorrow ill will show some more favorite foods.

Try to guess what dish this is and I might do a giveaway...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Random Eats

I know I'm official behind on Vegan MoFo but man retail is kicking me so hard in the butt. That it physical feels like I go home eat shower sleep and repeat over and over. I haven't had a single day off in almost now two weeks. 

However I have captured a little bit of my food during the past few weeks plus I have found some new favorites at Whole Foods down the street from my house and work. Well I guess I should show you some food huh? 

First new item I found that I like is Whole Foods Organic Orange Strawberry Banana Juice.  Me and My boyfriend are so totally in love with this juice.

Second item I found was this juice called evolution it's so delicious. It's sold at Whole Foods and Starbucks; Starbucks happens to own Evolution juice products now.  I buy mine at Whole foods because they are 3 dollars cheaper than Starbucks. 

I have found other things that I love and that are favorites but some of them are for the next post. Maybe it's a fake meat or maybe it's a dessert would knows.

Take a guess...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Grumpy Morning

Every had one of those mornings where you just didn't want to get out of day and head to work. Today is my Monday and I'm having one of those days. I woke up early for no reason I could have slept in but oh well instant I'm on here.

I firgured if I'm awake then why not write a new post for Vegan MoFo.  I figured I show you my recent grocery shipping trip. Note it's tiny because I'm finishing what I have in the fridge. Plus with me working in retail I have chance of being to tired to cook. So I only buy what I need for maybe a few days.  

I bought coconut milk, granola, sweet potato, avocado , mushroom, baby bok choi, carrots , water and a protein bar. 

Hope everyone has a great day, I'm thinking I might head to whole foods for a n almond milk latte. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Monkey Madness

Welcome back it's day two of Vegan MOFO, plus it's labor day! So what that means for you is that you are stuck with my favorite Skincare company or should I say one of my favorites. If you follow me on instagram which my username is: SouthernPurpleVeg, you would have seen that I posted a sneak peak. Plus I usually post on instagram about 7 times a week or more so if you want to see what i'm eating in real time follow me there.

Well on to favorite skincare company would have to be Lush Cosmetics. I mean it's where I practically get all of my skincare, with having cystic acne and rosacea it's hard to find products that don't make my face react. They have a variety of products to choose from shampoo's to lotions and bath bombs plus more it's like a heaven of body care/skincare.

When you go to a Lush shop you can get sample's of the product to insure that what you are buying is what you need. I happen to be lucky because the manager at my local Lush location happens to have the same skin care issues too. I know she will always have me covered with trying new products plus she always points out which one's are vegan friendly too. Almost everything is vegan if not it is vegetarian friendly plus also organic and fresh which says alot these days about body/skin care. The above picture is my recent samples I got from the local manager.

I have my usually product's I always buy which are 1.Angels on Bare Skin (gentle scrub),2. Aqua Marina (daily face cleanser), 3. Eau Roma(Toner) or Tea Tree Water(toner)  and 4.Celestial(face lotion). The picture below shows each one of these products expect Tea Tree Water which I didn't buy right now. So if you got a lush shop near you I would say stop in and check them out; if not take a look at the website

I know you were expecting a food post but to be honest it's labor day and this is a backup post since I work in retail. I am working a double today so I basically have no time for myself or this blog. I'll be back tomorrow with a foodie/food post promise.

Have you ever been to Lush, If so what's your favorite product? 
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Sidenote: This post was a personal post I was not paid nor asked to make this post to promote Lush Cosmetics. All the products are purchased by me and this is a personal opinion post. Nor is this post ad or advertisement. This post was written for pure entertainment and silliness.