Thursday, April 30, 2015

Poison me not yet

Yes, I did disappear again....Oops not really..

I have been sick thanks to wonderful allergies that are hear in Texas...oh the fun! I actually went to the doctor to get medicine, I am not one to get prescription medicine. However it is very helpful to get sometimes when only the problem is getting worse and not better. 

So I have been grumpy,tired and out of it thanks to the loving medicine that is to help my allergies, it even messes with my sense of taste and smell. I wanted to update you all with whats going on, I know I said I would be in here more however life gets in the way.

I do have lots of things to post on here I mean tons from last year all the way up until now. Or maybe I will skip all that and just start fresh. My main focus right now is get my life straight, I might hop on here from time to time. 

Oh one last thing I have a tumblr account are they worth it for blogging feedback is loved.