Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vegan Comfort Food: Taco Edition

It's no secret if you look almost every blogger here in Texas is big on tacos, it's almost the state food you would think lol. Personally I don't mind taco's for breakfast/lunch or dinner because they are simple, versatile and you can make them how every you want. Last night I made tacos with a slight fusion to them; I made spicy turmeric onions for bean tacos.

The spicy turmeric onions are four simple ingredients: yellow onion, coconut oil, pepper, garlic and turmeric. Sauteed together on high heat for about 5-7 minutes until they were slightly caramelized almost. Once you cook them I transfer them right over to the taco for the best flavor, these onions are delicious while warm. I served them with re-fried bean tacos that were topped with guacamole and lettuce. These were topped Skyville Taco Sauce which paired perfectly with the onions creating a perfect in flavor. 

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Yike's It's Inventory time.

I'm not going to lie but Vegan MoFo falls on the month that my work does inventory so schedules are chaotic along with my chaotic life. Right now I have a lot on my plate between blog, work and life it seems to became a huge blur. So I'm going to slow down and enjoy small things in life; like my dedication  to healthy plant base food here in Texas. 

This week at work we got halloween products next to my desk at work, and I like to wonder over to them time to time to play with them. Hey I got to have fun at my work at 6am when there are no customers. Oh boy did I have fun and so did one of my co workers we even got people through the day laughing too. 

I found mummy's that do the thriller dance, yes before you ask I do have a video( if you go over to my instragram page I have the video with sound just look up southernpurpleveg ). I am leaving you with that for now since I am off to a Inventory meeting, yay!!

Another Yummy Bite: Pepper Tree Veggie Cuisine

On Friday I was going on a date with the fiance to the movies and have dinner but we changed our minds since we drive about 15-30 minutes to get into town. So we got on the toll way we drove to Pepper Tree Veggie Cuisine a place that both of us can agree on. It's a completely vegan friendly Chinese restaurant in Houston located pretty close to the toll road. Plus it's very delicious food, I have only been to this restaurant once and that was for the buffet it was awesome no less.

This visit was during there dinner hours which I have never experienced before,the ambiance was nice and quiet. I ordered Kung Pao Tofu Combo Special it comes with vegan egg roll, soup of the day and a drink; fiance whom isn't vegan ordered General Tso'  Vegan Chicken Special. As for the soup I picked out hot and sour soup, it was like normal version but vegan.

After the soup they brought out the main dish which included brown rice, vegan egg roll and the Kung Pao Tofu all on one plate. At first I was like it's too pretty to eat, after 5 seconds I was so hungry that I dug right into the food. I'm not a huge fan of tofu to stay, in fact about almost my whole life I have avoided it. However this dish may have changed my mind about Tofu, I actually ate my whole dish and wanted more. 

Until next time, any one else know of a vegan friendly Chinese restaurants in the Houston area or any where in Texas. Leave a comment below.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hello I'm...Late

Wow I'm late to the party by 3 days oops!, I do apologize and this is what happens when I post on the fly. I wanted to start about with a huge Vegan MoFo boom but Larbor Day happen it's a pain in the neck for me at work. It's like one of the insanely busy days that everyone wants to return anything plus the big regional/district bosses like to come out to the store since it's one of the bigger/higher selling stores in the area. 

That's okay things happen but from here on I'll be more part of the community and the Vegan MoFo environment. I'm like a quick ninja I'll post when your not looking ha ha, I'm really a smart ass and this year I decided to show my true self in my working for everyone to understand who Southern Purple Veggie really is. For example it's about 11pm on September 3 and I have work at 5am; I really need to be asleep so I am going to make this post short. There will be better and longer posts to come in the next few days when I am not typing with one eye open.

So this year during Vegan MoFo part of my theme was to show vegan grocery hauls or things I usually buy around where I live. Mostly recently I purchased the Earth Balance vegan cheddar flavor squares,  dark chocolate bixby bar, and emmy's macaroons. All of these are products I have never tried and I loved them all, especially the Earth Balance vegan cheddar squares. I love them with a passion I even have a box at work now, that even my co workers who are not vegan eat also because they taste good. 

I think for now I'll leave you with this picture of vegan yummies until next time. Oh and one more thing I introduce my new lovely kitten lucky sugar bear; he's a rescue kitten from a truck that was parked in my work parking lot when the weather was over 100 degrees.