Sunday, September 7, 2014

Another Yummy Bite: Pepper Tree Veggie Cuisine

On Friday I was going on a date with the fiance to the movies and have dinner but we changed our minds since we drive about 15-30 minutes to get into town. So we got on the toll way we drove to Pepper Tree Veggie Cuisine a place that both of us can agree on. It's a completely vegan friendly Chinese restaurant in Houston located pretty close to the toll road. Plus it's very delicious food, I have only been to this restaurant once and that was for the buffet it was awesome no less.

This visit was during there dinner hours which I have never experienced before,the ambiance was nice and quiet. I ordered Kung Pao Tofu Combo Special it comes with vegan egg roll, soup of the day and a drink; fiance whom isn't vegan ordered General Tso'  Vegan Chicken Special. As for the soup I picked out hot and sour soup, it was like normal version but vegan.

After the soup they brought out the main dish which included brown rice, vegan egg roll and the Kung Pao Tofu all on one plate. At first I was like it's too pretty to eat, after 5 seconds I was so hungry that I dug right into the food. I'm not a huge fan of tofu to stay, in fact about almost my whole life I have avoided it. However this dish may have changed my mind about Tofu, I actually ate my whole dish and wanted more. 

Until next time, any one else know of a vegan friendly Chinese restaurants in the Houston area or any where in Texas. Leave a comment below.


  1. I don't know of any other all vegan Chinese places, but I loooove the Thai Cottage around the corner in the same plaza. Their curries are vegan.

    At Pepper Tree, the cashew chick'n is also pretty good. They have two types of mock chicken and one has better texture than the other.