Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hello I'm...Late

Wow I'm late to the party by 3 days oops!, I do apologize and this is what happens when I post on the fly. I wanted to start about with a huge Vegan MoFo boom but Larbor Day happen it's a pain in the neck for me at work. It's like one of the insanely busy days that everyone wants to return anything plus the big regional/district bosses like to come out to the store since it's one of the bigger/higher selling stores in the area. 

That's okay things happen but from here on I'll be more part of the community and the Vegan MoFo environment. I'm like a quick ninja I'll post when your not looking ha ha, I'm really a smart ass and this year I decided to show my true self in my working for everyone to understand who Southern Purple Veggie really is. For example it's about 11pm on September 3 and I have work at 5am; I really need to be asleep so I am going to make this post short. There will be better and longer posts to come in the next few days when I am not typing with one eye open.

So this year during Vegan MoFo part of my theme was to show vegan grocery hauls or things I usually buy around where I live. Mostly recently I purchased the Earth Balance vegan cheddar flavor squares,  dark chocolate bixby bar, and emmy's macaroons. All of these are products I have never tried and I loved them all, especially the Earth Balance vegan cheddar squares. I love them with a passion I even have a box at work now, that even my co workers who are not vegan eat also because they taste good. 

I think for now I'll leave you with this picture of vegan yummies until next time. Oh and one more thing I introduce my new lovely kitten lucky sugar bear; he's a rescue kitten from a truck that was parked in my work parking lot when the weather was over 100 degrees.

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