Sunday, September 7, 2014

Yike's It's Inventory time.

I'm not going to lie but Vegan MoFo falls on the month that my work does inventory so schedules are chaotic along with my chaotic life. Right now I have a lot on my plate between blog, work and life it seems to became a huge blur. So I'm going to slow down and enjoy small things in life; like my dedication  to healthy plant base food here in Texas. 

This week at work we got halloween products next to my desk at work, and I like to wonder over to them time to time to play with them. Hey I got to have fun at my work at 6am when there are no customers. Oh boy did I have fun and so did one of my co workers we even got people through the day laughing too. 

I found mummy's that do the thriller dance, yes before you ask I do have a video( if you go over to my instragram page I have the video with sound just look up southernpurpleveg ). I am leaving you with that for now since I am off to a Inventory meeting, yay!!

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