Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Random Eats

I know I'm official behind on Vegan MoFo but man retail is kicking me so hard in the butt. That it physical feels like I go home eat shower sleep and repeat over and over. I haven't had a single day off in almost now two weeks. 

However I have captured a little bit of my food during the past few weeks plus I have found some new favorites at Whole Foods down the street from my house and work. Well I guess I should show you some food huh? 

First new item I found that I like is Whole Foods Organic Orange Strawberry Banana Juice.  Me and My boyfriend are so totally in love with this juice.

Second item I found was this juice called evolution it's so delicious. It's sold at Whole Foods and Starbucks; Starbucks happens to own Evolution juice products now.  I buy mine at Whole foods because they are 3 dollars cheaper than Starbucks. 

I have found other things that I love and that are favorites but some of them are for the next post. Maybe it's a fake meat or maybe it's a dessert would knows.

Take a guess...

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