Friday, February 6, 2015

Blogging and Body Confidence

Life is interesting, full of twists and turns; makes things interesting yet fun. That is how I am back to blogging I have made turn to start writing and start photography again. Some where down in my heart tells me it is the right thing, to listen to your heart is to listen to soul. It's like the saying that music is the heart and soul for singers, will I happen to be a really good singer... Yet I hide that I am simply because I am shy..

I am going to start a blog series based on positive thinking, positive  thoughts and self improvement; along with that I will share my adventures of me learning to be myself with confidence. All of this came upon after watching a couple YouTube videos from Sarah Rae Vargas, she is awesome. She made me realize that body confidence and confidence are really important to oneself. 

I will still be doing my food and nutrition part of my blog, I will sharing more of my daily life posts to show you how I have been able to be successful at my weight loss. Yes that's right all the weight I have kept off has not come back and I will go into how it has been possible. For now I will leave you to wondering where I have been....

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