Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Holiday Season ..

Wow this year is flown by so quickly, it was gone in a blink of a eye. It has been a great year for me , a lot of changes for me and this blog.  I hope everyone has had a great year so far , and this is going to be a great holiday season. I love that it's December 1st , simply because my birthday is in less 10 days. Which means Christmas is less than 23 days , I know it by heart because my birthday is 2 weeks right before it.


I know it's holiday season when I see specialty vegan chocolate chip mini muffins at whole foods , which is only for the holidays. When Christmas lights go up and Christmas tree's being sold ; snow in some places of the America. 

Vegan mini muffins.

I just love this part of the year because it's wonderful, I love it. However I wish it would snow in Texas, it's only a wish. You could say I am dreamer about this , but I lived in Oregon up until 2 months ago. So I am used to snow for this part of the year. 


Best part of this time of the year is gifts in my opinion because my family gets creative, with my birthday being so close to Christmas. Gift's are part of the holiday season, everyone know that it can be tricky. So I have decide that every day this month I will attempted to post something related to the holiday season, however apologize in advance next week. I will disappear for a couple day's because of my fabulous birthday coming up.


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  1. We don't get snow here in Florida either...but we love it that way! I hope you enjoy your birthday ...sounds like you have some fun in the works! Happy holidays! ♥