Friday, December 23, 2011

Busy Holiday

Sorry about the lack of post due it's the holidays and here at my house it's chaos; just like at the grocery store. I have alot that I need to post after Christmas, heads up I will be a guest post over on Veggie Next Door's blog on Dec. 26 so check it out. 

I haven't been posting what I have been eating nor reviewing it sorry. I promise that I will have more regular posts after the holidays. I made some homemade pesto recently, it was excellent. I will post the recipe on here soon. For now I will leave you with some pictures of what I have been eating.

Steel Cut Oats with melted chocolate chips and blueberries.

White rice with steamed zucchini & squash with  homemade pesto
Spiral pasta with homemade pesto and cooked tomato with garlic.


  1. The squash with pesto looks delicious! And your pasta looks so Christmas-y! Merry Christmas, Ashley!

  2. Thank you so much Diana. I hope your having a great time while in Thailand