Thursday, December 15, 2011

Omg! Trader Joe's is coming to Houston

All I can say is oh my goodness , Trader frickin Joe's is coming to Houston. That was one of the things that I missed when I moved back to Texas , they have no Trader Joe's. I was sad, but when I heard this news I was excited. 

However it's not going to be in area close to me, I found online that it's going to be opening in a Woodlands Shopping Center. Supposed to be opening in 2012 spring, which peaked my interest because that is right around the corner.

Also there is a rumor that Trader Joe's may be opening in Montrose District of Houston , at the old site of Alabama theater. Which is a historical site, I haven't heard much about this recently. But I am hopefully that Trader Joe's goes to Montrose District. Simply because it's closer than the Woodlands area.

Have you ever gone to Trader Joe'?

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