Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My new found pumpkin addiction

I know this post is a little late , but I guess for some reason it just never posted.

I love all things that are pumpkin flavored, I guess it's my one food addiction I have besides of chocolate. For the holidays I was very excited to see that Whole Foods had a vegan pumpkin pie for thanksgiving. Yes you heard me vegan pumpkin pie; in fact they had a few options for the pumpkin pie.

This is the personal size of pumpkin pie.

They had half a pie , whole pie and personal size of pumpkin pie available at Whole Foods. I checked I found these pie's at three different Whole Foods in the Katy/Houston area. So I got a personal pumpkin pie for my dinner since I had a upset stomach. Plus we also got a whole pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving to take to my family's.

About 8 oz personal pumpkin pie.
Needless to say I know I have addiction to pumpkin pie , and I need learn to make it myself. These pumpkin pie's may only be a seasonal thing not sure yet.

Have you ever had pumpkin pie from Whole Foods?
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  1. Ditto! Both me and my mom are completely addicted to these Whole Foods Pumpkin Pies. They are the best ones I've had. I embarrassed to say we have a had a couple of these pies. I almost bought another small one today but we agreed not to buy anymore since it was getting a little out of control. :)

  2. I know right the pies are way too addictive.lol