Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy Movement

Warning this post is about me rambling about the occupy movement and my thoughts.!!

My thoughts on Occupy movement, is very open to what it  is about. I would have to say I would completely agree with what the movements presence is about. However I know lots of people that don't like the movement. I usually don't believe in sharing my thoughts on politics but however this is one of those things that I will talk about.

When I lived in central Oregon which is in the middle of the state, I went to a tea party movement. I was lucky enough to get pictures of the whole movement that day and everyone was willing to allow me to take the pictures. I think I was allowed to capture the whole thing digital because I am young person in my twenties and I am not happy with how the government has gotten.

A picture from Tea Party in Bend,Oregon 2009
In fact I am pissed off about how the government is now , especially since I didn't get a chance to go to college right after high school. Simple because my family could not afford the cost of college in 2007 and I know since then it has gone up. Instant of college I went to right into the workforce and worked for a anonymous fortune 500 company for four years in the hopes that I would be able to afford college.

However I still couldn't afford college nor afford to change jobs because during the time I was working the government and economy got ruined. I mean living in Oregon which has one of the highest unemployment rates shows really how bad the government is f**k'd up. The fact that they stated it was getting better ,but it hasn't they bailed out the banks and emptied the 99%'s wallet at the expense of bailing out the banks.

Most people would say that it's not true, try living in Oregon where it is true. After the economy got ruined and the banks were bailed out income tax got higher. Along with everything else , at first I didn't believe this and I though I was imaging it all. I would look over my pay checks and notice that almost 2/5's of my paycheck was going to the government, I was paying for what the government did. 

I still feel that the government should own up to what has happen instant of avoiding and abusing the people over the rights that the government has to fix the situation. Every person has the right to peaceful protest this movement but however the government feels that we should be stopped and silenced. That we the 99% have no say in what happens in this democratic government , except for what options are given to us. Which are limited and few. 

Everyday I listen and read about what is going on in the movement all over america. What I hear is that Occupy is making good steps in its movement but then I here about. The brutal things that the police are doing so many people have been injured , why is it that for protesting something that your passion about. Gets you beaten up by the police which are to protect us, but yet they do what the government tells them to do.

For now I will leave this subject be at what I have typed , I may come back at a later dated in time and post more things about this issue. What I wrote was something that I need to get off my chest and need to be written down before I forgot.

Please feel free to leave comments about how you feel about Occupy movement.

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