Monday, November 7, 2011

Wonderful Purple

I am a sucker for purple things because it's my favorite color in the whole world. I have most things purple, but I didn't think that would be part of my lotion collection that I have. I recently got Victoria Sercet Lotion  and a few other things from them. My favorite smell is love spell , which happens to be purple( I think that's funny).

I would have to say that this stuff smells great and I love it. I love Victoria Sercet customer service , they helped me alot. When I got the box from UPS the body spray was missing from the box, I know its in the picture. I called them told them what happen , and the rep ordered me a new one with three day shipping because of what happen at no charge.

What I got was the shimmer lotion , hand lotion , two body butter's and a body spray for $ 30.00 dollars. Which they have that deal going on with the whole collection right now , however the simmer spray and brush are not included. Victoria Secret lotions and body spray are cruelty free which I love that and they are sulfa free expect the shower stuff that has sulfa in it.

*Dis closer: Complete review was of my own opinions and I was not paid to review this product.

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