Thursday, March 22, 2012

On A Mission That May Be Impossible

So me and Dirp Man are on a mission to eat at every restaurant that offer's a vegetarian or vegan meal options in the neighborhood; we live in. This will be something that we  think may be possible, however it will take time to accomplish.

Me and Dirp Man live in the Houston area , so yes there are vegan friendly options. Never the less the part of Houston we live in isn't very vegetarian or vegan friendly;we live in the far west of Houston. Needless to say found a few options but not many. 

The reason behind this mission is, well I mostly want to find those gems in the area we live in. For Dirp Man he wants to learn where he can go to get food; he's new to vegetarianism. So far I know of a couple places, but not many.

Here's a sneak photo of a Mediterran restaurant down the street from where I live; Dirp Man and I will be going back soon. So the review of the restaurant will come soon may in two weeks or sooner.

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  1. What a fun challenge!  And how awesome that Dirp Man is going veg!