Monday, March 19, 2012

Meatless Monday

So I am already meatless at everyone of my meals but I decide to post what I ate for Monday. I didn't make anything due family wanted to get Mission Burrito and I couldn't turn it down. For those who don't have Mission Burrito near them it's like Chiplote but 10x's better and more choices.

It's always so delicious and very vegetarian/vegan friendly , they do serve meat so if you want to make sure that they isn't any trace of meat; just ask for them to switch out there gloves before making your food. Now on to the best part of this post the food, well I only got a few shots of my food before I decide to attack it. I was pretty hungry by the time we got home, however the burrito was huge so I end up eating only part of the burrito.

The girl who made my burrito knows me pretty well so when I come in she always puts a smiley on my burrito because she is vegetarian. This girl loves that I am vegan in Texas , she said " I think that your brave to be vegan here in Houston because it's hard to be vegetarian". It's always nice to get nice feedback or nice words from a stranger.

Back to the HUGE burrito , I even compared it to a medium size loaf of bread so you can see how big it really is. Once I started to attempt to eat it, the paper plate I was eating it on end up not being such a great idea; it turn into a gigantic pile of food.

So half of this burrito was put away in a bag to eat later, it was way too much food to eat. Have you every had anything like Mission Burrito before?

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