Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Day

Today was the day! 
The day that my wii died, just kidding but very closed to dying. I have a sensor bar that is officially not longer emitting a infrared. I was advised to return the product to target whom I got my warranty through and wait almost a month before I would receive anything at all about a gift card to buy a new wii. Well I was going to do that until I starting thinking why do I have to return the whole system and everything if its a little sensor bar that stopped working. With this though I went out on the Internet webs and found that Nintendo sells the sensor bar for 7.50 reburished. I bought the reburished sensor bar and until the label gets here for the return I will think really hard if I should return the wii or not.

Note : I paid 199.99 for the wii and it came standard equipment nothing extra, if I do the exchange and send it in. They will send me a gift card to Target to buy a new one. A new wii costs about 149.99 now so I would get 50 dollar back but I have to buy a new warranty which is about 30 dollars.

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