Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunny Sunday

It's beautiful outside today and for the past few days , that's why their is a lack of posts. The past few days , I have come across some interesting things. But the best thing that happen in this past week is that I got bring home Shelbie my Kitty Cat.

She is so nice , we have the windows open all the time and she loves to talk to anyone. After we got her home we did have to do some cleaning up to make room for her litter box . Colin started to look for an towel to put around her litter box so that she doesn't track her litter all around the apartment.

Will he couldn't found a towel, so I had to go look for one myself, and I found that the closet that had the towels in it was an complete mess. I threw everything out the closet and complete redid the whole closet.


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