Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eggs , Toast & Work

Woke up this morning late around 11 am , I wanted to get stuff cleaned and done. But that didn't happen, I was kinda of short on time. So I asked Colin to make breakfast and he did. 

He made Toast with Organic Grape Jelly, Scrambled Eggs with Pepper. Plus he cooked some of my veggie sausage which is faux. I thanked him, after breakfast we looked at the apartment and decided that it would be an good idea to go get laundry money.

We got the laundry money , and we did get to clean up for a bit. Then I had to head to work, it was sunny outside when I left. Their were some rain clouds on their way in. 

Recently our weather has been like cloudy with an chance of meatballs. Its always random, will any ways I got out of work 2 hours later. And their was this what you could say almost like snow mixture that come down from the sky. 

Needless to say it wasn't easy to walk in due flats aren't the best shoes to where in cold / snowy weather.

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