Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Same Old Not Anymore

I am so happy to start out with that my Blogger+ app got an update. Now I am schedule my posts ahead of time , so there well be more posts now. Now that the app is updated , it will make my routine easier. As for my routine I usually sleep in until 9 but that is going to change.

I am going to wake up ealier and go with my mom to Curves. She wants to go but she wants me to be her workout buddy. I cant say no I mean I want to help support my mom with her wanting to get fit. Plus I am still in between jobs right so I have lots of time. I am still looking for a job but I have a commitment coming up in June. So I might have to wait until that commitment is done with.

I am hopefully that I will find a job that is decent. If not at least start applying for school and start on getting a degree. Enough rumbling, today I walked 1.3 miles with my mother. It felt good , afterwards I went home and had a smoothie that was protein based.

It is a basic smoothie I make all the time and it's really good.I make it with a personal small blender to save time and to make sure that there is enough for one serving. This is usually what I drink after a really long workout or I have a coconut yogurt with apples.

What's your favorite post work out drink or meal?

Let me know.

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