Monday, April 9, 2012

Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review

Truvia is something I have known about for a year now. I was given samples back when I lived in Oregon. However I am doing this review because I have never told you how good Truvia is. I received this sample from Influenster's VoxBox program, which is pretty cool.

I actually like Truvia for a couple reasons like that it tastes just as sweet or sweeter than sugar. I just recent found out on Truvia's website that this product is also gluten free, kosher and it has no effect on the glycemic index. Which makes me even more happy because I honestly don't like the effects of sugar. Plus I love that people with diabetes can also enjoy this wonderful replacement for sugar.

I put in my coffee every morning that I make coffee, just a little goes a long way. I have learned by personal experience but it does go good in coffee. However sometimes it can be too sweet for me on occasion but I do like over sugar. I haven't tried baking or cooking with it yet but Truvia has some recipes on there site. I figured in the future that I could try some of the recipes in fact here's there information so you can learn more about Truvia; you can go to or Truvia's Facebook.

Here's the skinny as my cousin would say when asking for information. This was my take on what I think of about Truvia natrual sweetener. I was not paid to review this product nor give a good review , I was simply given a sample by Influesnters VoxBox program to test complimentary.

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