Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Sunday

Sorry about the lack posts but for some reason my blogger+ app; I bought hasn't been updating. So I have been blogging but it hasn't been post them. I will retype them up and post them; I hope ya'll have been having a great week.

I have had a very interesting week , I could say. I will fill in the details of what has happen recently in multiple posts. It has been one of those weeks, lots of learning experiences from cooking and a couple of personal success. I successful made my first vegan baked good and my moms picky boyfriend said "that they were good".

That's a up close photo of the final product of the cupcake. Which I am very pleased with it but the cupcake itself was from the The Sweetest Vegan. I love her YouTube channel check it out, it awesome. As far as the frosting it's actually fudge from the cookbook Chloe's Kitchen. They were delicious but room to improve my baking skills.

Have you made anything from Chloe's Kitchen or from The Sweetest Vegan? Let me know leave a comment below.

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