Monday, April 21, 2014

Learning the meaning of balance

I may not be the best blogger in the world or even consistent at it either. I have learned a few things over the past few months about balancing my work life and personal life plus this blog. Southern Purple Vegan got put aside until now, I took on new responsibilities and moved departments at my current job. The position I have new required my full attention during my training and to this day at times it will require my full attention.

Even though I haven't blogged in a while it's still something I like doing, it's a creative outlet. I recently have been eating a more raw diet, because it's been so hot plus humid in the building I work at. That eating a fresh non cooked meals at work made more sense than eating something cooked. My meals may show up on here from time to time that I take to work, but mostly this blog is about my weight loss journey and healthy recipes plus food.

Since last year I have declined in blogging but have not declined in my regime of getting healthy I have maintained my current weight for a year with out gain more than 7 pounds and losing it. Needless to say I might be randomly posting at times when it's easy for me, at times there may be a gap in my blogging. So needless to say welcome to Southern Purple Vegan...oh here are some of my random moments of work from the past 6 months.

Random things you find in a drawer at a work.

Free coffee from a customer to all the employees working outside when cold.

Serious mix up on a order at work, who orders a coin operated dryer.

Need Red Bull?

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