Saturday, August 31, 2013

Oh My Stars Welcome To Vegan MOFO

Hello Everyone,Welcome to my lovely blog it's Vegan MOFO time and that means I will actually be on my blog during this month. Plus maybe I might be able to get some interesting people to step in for me when I'm busy. I really I have a wonderful post set up for the first day of Vegan MOFO but for now I'm going to share with you my favorite pizza joint. On to the action...

The past few months I have been pretty lucky to have gone to some of the places I got to go to. One of the places I got to go not once but twice in one month was Star Pizza 2. It's now my favorite place in Houston for restaurants but that might have to do with that it's pizza. Granted I do love my pizza over any other type of food maybe.

Star Pizza offers lot's of different options in regards to Italian type food, but everyone pretty much goes there for the deep dish pizza. It's so frickin delicious it's almost addictive, I mean a small personal size pizza has four slices to the pan. The pizza slices are so big that you actually need a fork and knife sometimes to eat your food, so needless to say one small can feed two people.

Don't believe me take a look at my photo below that's a small vegetarian pizza made vegan, yes Star Pizza is vegan friendly trusted me they have a button for no cheese which is for vegans. They are willing to let you sub one topping since you take off the cheese as you can see I go for jalapenos. 

Now seeing this pizza while writing this post makes me want Star Pizza that's okay, I can enjoy my cup of almond milk instant. Everyone I know is kinda like ooh Star Pizza can I go with you , I mean anyone who likes pizza in Houston,TX knows about Star Pizza.

Every had a pizza so big that you had to use a fork and knife to eat? Leave a comment below.

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  1. It's nice to see a place that gives you an extra topping in place of the cheese! So often they just take off the cheese and keep the price the same or don't let you substitute.