Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hello to Earth

Hello everyone I am back after a long break or whatever you want to call it. However I have come back with quiet a few updates that I have been dying to release. One I mention before I went on break, was that I moved positions at my work. The opportunity I was given was an blessing, I love my new position it's the best; my boss and co workers that I work with are awesome. 

I think that's one of the many updates that I wanted to share along with that I have finally gone to Austin,Texas for the first time. My trip to Austin was a trip to never for get it was a bunch of first's for me and my fiancee. Yes you read that right I am engaged, I have a whole post about my trip to Austin and the proposal. Since the proposal life has been moving so fast, that if I even stop to blink it seems that I miss time. 

It's strange to be back on here but yet very comfortable and nice like a big warm fuzzy blanket. Speaking of fuzzy and warm; I have a rescue kitten that's from my workplace. Yes at work my co worker saved a little orange tabby kitten he's name is lucky sugar bear. He is probably the cutest thing in the world that I have seen this year beside my moms cat Sgt. Pepper.

I think I may have gotten to all the updates I want to post for now, expect for one last one. I am going to be part of vegan mofo for the second time. I am very excited for this years #veganmofo2014, it seems like there is going to be a lot of interesting things. 

Until next time my veggies, I leave you with these updates and one picture of kitten cuteness out of this world.

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