Friday, June 15, 2012

179 Days To Reset My Life

The title is pretty interesting huh? Curious what it's about me wanting to really take control of my weight issues that I have. I have 179 days until my 24th birthday, when I was younger I had imagine myself being at a health weight by then and not being overweight. 

I have always been overweight except for a few years where I was at a healthy weight and I liked being at a healthy weight. I want to go back to my healthy weight , I want to be proud of myself and not unhappy with the way I look.So I look at the next 179 days as a chance to reset my life and to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As of today I am typing this because I am going to be writing about this journey , I will still my vegan reviews of places and food. However I am going to blog about my journey during these next 179 days, it's something that is dear to me. I am doing these journey without a trainer or a weight loss program, this will be something I will be figuring out on my own.

Some thing's that will assist in me with this journey are my food scale that I recently had gotten, my dumbbells 3lbs & 5lbs, my Wii Fit Plus & Just Dance 3 game. Also the apartment I live in has a swimming pool plus a workout room with cable. I know that with the things listed above will help me during the next 179 days, now on to the important details where I am at right now.

My current weight is at 251.6 pounds as of right now, I used my mom's scale to get that number. I know I need a scale myself to keep track of my weight loss. My ultimate goal is to get down to 165-175 range I would be happy and pleased.


  1. I hope you enjoy your healthy journey - I am looking forward to reading about your success!  My advice is to focus on creating healthy habits and not too much focus on the actual numbers - those will take care of themselves :-)

  2. southnpurpleveganJune 26, 2012 at 4:29 PM

    Exactly I am more focused on the healthy habits I gain , the numbers will fall in place when I am healthy.