Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Think Technology Hates Me

Hello Veggies,

Sorry about no posts for about three weeks, after I got the netbook I crashed it within the first 24 hours. Some how when I was updating the software on the netbook a virus got downloaded at the same time. That's why I had a huge absence from my blog with no way to update either.

I have so much to post here on my blog , lot's of stuff. I am going to be posting my food each day on the blog like what I eat on Friday I would post today; if I had taken pictures. Silly me! So today I will be writing up my blog posts today to future date them just in case I mess up the computer again.

Have you ever crashed a brand new computer before or ever?

1 comment:

  1. ugh!! Oh no...a computer crash is one of my nightmares!! It HAS happened to me and I was so miserable trying to re-create and re-load and re-configure!! it might be why I'm kinda obsessive about backing up now...even though I thought I had been in the past! Good luck and glad you're back online!!