Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wacky Wednesday at IKEA

Veggies I know I have been a bad little blogger , forgetting to blog  oops. I have been focused on loosing weight and trying to get myself ready for my family reunion next week. I always post on Instagram,  I usually post picture through out the  day instant of blogging it's easier right now. I got a infection in my middle finger on the right side from a hang nail and it's painful to use that finger.

However I had to write a post today I was in a blogging mood and I went to IKEA in Houston; it was fun. I found out today that IKEA has a cafe inside it which I never knew about until today. I was thinking right away that the cafe wouldn't have any vegan options well I was actually wrong. The IKEA actually had a section of there menu which was for vegetarians and they also listed a vegan option. 

A Picture that I love it's really bright in colors.
I decided to get the vegan option to be on the safe side because I have never eaten at IKEA's cafe. The vegan option was a daily soup that sometimes would be vegan. Well today was my lucky day it was vegan and it was chili; I was actually glad it was chili. It was way to hot today for a soup so chili sound good and in fact my mom who was with me recommend that I get fries too. She made the recommendation for me to put the chili on top the fries and have chili fries, it was the best idea. 

The chili was actually really good in fact it was even better over the fries, I know it was totally junk  food but it was good. The chili had LOTS of vegetables in it and beans so it was very filling. I was hungry when I was eating it so I didn't really look at the food.I did find a couple piece's of furniture that I liked that I will be getting later, me and my mom will buy our stuff at the same time to save on shipping. It's only $59 dollar to where we live which is awesome!

 I hope this wasn't too long of a post or boring. I would like to know what you would like to see me blog about I am not sure if you would like me blogging about my weight loss and my daily meals. Please let me know.

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