Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Very Carrot Soup

Last week in my house we had about 4 pounds of carrots that need to be use grant we do eat carrot;however in my family we don't eat that much carrots. So I was thinking of making some agave sweetened carrots but I am too lazy to figure out how to do that. 

Since I didn't go with agave sweetened carrots recipe to use up some of the carrots; I decided to make a ginger potato, onion , carrot creamy soup. So I went to work and boiled everything together including a little curry spice. The soup had a very good taste it wasn't bad but it wasn't done yet. I still had to figure out how to blend the soup together to make it creamy ; and I only have like something like a magic bullet 

The Carrot soup has it was being blend carefully.

I had to figure out how to blend a big pot of soup with one little bullet like blender, it worked out but ended out taking an hour just to blend the soup. I was amazed that I even got it done in the first place, it took so long to blend. However the reward of eating the soup afterwards was wonderful it tasted delicious and very flavorful.

Carrot Soup with green onion topping it.

Have you ever made carrot soup before , any tricks to make it easier?

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